2 March 2012


I am one who is known as the Of the New Dispensation and I rarely communicate in this way. Now is the time that you are fast approaching, a time that you are being prepared for that which is the new dispensation, the new age to come. There is before the dawn and there is a after the dawn. You have been working diligently with that before the dawn part, preparing yourselves for that which is to come, that which is to herald in this new age. You are preparing for that and working toward being the ones who are ready to assist those of your brethren, who will be a part of this and many at this time who do not yet know they’re going to be a part of this.

As you have been told many times you are fulfilling a you made long ago. And as you fulfill that you are readying yourselves and all those around you for the coming changes, readying each one to know and understand that which is before them, and when they are prepared in such a way, they will be ready to assist others and those will assist others and so on. This is how the light will continue to spread. Then once there is the dawn and after the dawn, it will be time then for that which is called the shift or the transition from one dimension into the next. Then my dear ones will you be looking at and feeling a tremendous uplifting of nothing that you can possibly imagine at this time. For nothing is preparing you for this yet. There can be words that are given, there can be explanations, but nothing my friends can prepare you for that which you will experience. It is beyond your wildest imagination.

However, each one of you has experienced something like this before, so it is deeply within your memories. And as those times come, when those changes are developing within you, you will begin to remember. And as you remember you will know and understand what is occurring to your physical , your emotional and your mental , Because all is being changed, all is being adapted to prepare you for the next wave of energies that will be coming in to the planet, that will be assisting you, each one to move through your process.

In the past, ascension required that which was the process, but no longer is that the case. of the physical body will no longer be needed when these changes develop, and you are preparing all of those for this and once you come to this, you will understand and know it and be able to fully experience it. Many may sleep through parts of it and not even be aware but you each one, can experience this as you go through and know you are experiencing it. For it is grand indeed and you will move through this process and be on the other side of that which has been called the veil. Then all will be open to you, all will be a remembrance to you and then you will be at that level that you came here to be in the first place. In your long sojourn on this planet in all of the experiences you have had nothing has prepared you yet for what is to come. But know as you are preparing, many are here and ready to work with you and assist you in everything you’ll need to develop and move through this transition.

That is my message as Of the New Dispensation and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness.

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