3 March 2012

Channeler: MA

What and experiences can we expect in March 2012?

The energy this month is like a beating , it has a pulse. There is a feeling that things coming in and going out. There is a feeling of things moving forward and then backward. There is a rhythm to this month and if you can find that sense of rhythm and go along when things move up and go along when things go down, you will find that this month can feel very powerful. It can take you to a deeper place in a way that is similar to the beating of a drum taking you to a deeper place inside yourself and in your connection with . If you are not willing to move with the rhythm of the month, you are going to find yourself really struggling to find balance. It will feel like you are being tossed around in different directions and it will be difficult to stay on course.

This pulsing energy really is like the energy of a heart. The is very important this month, and love is very important this month. The month of March is like the heart of the year 2012. In fact, one way you can think about the progression of this year is like energy moving downward through the human chakra system. You began in December and January with a very elevated, ethereal energy — it was hard to get things done, it was hard to feel connected, it was hard to find the ground beneath your feet. In February, you downloaded a lot of information down through the third eye and the throat chakra. And in March, you are moving from the throat chakra down to the , and you will continue downward through the rest of the year. Essentially, as a human race you are pulling a great deal of higher level, multi-dimensional, and information down from those higher dimensions, into third dimensional reality and into this material world so that it can be used to help further your evolution. So that downward motion, pulling these higher wisdoms down, moves through your chakra system and it really comes into your heart this month.

Many of you will have heart experiences. You might have heartbreaking experiences, you might have heart-strengthening experiences, and you might have both at the very same time. It is very important to take care of those things that you love this month and to take care of your own heart. Be sweet with yourself, feed your spirit, and feed your heart with experiences that cause you to feel more love and less fear. It has never been more important than it will be in March to look for things that feed your love rather than things that feed your fear.

This is slightly different from choosing love over fear, which is always important. This month it is important to really look at what you nourish yourself with. What information do you take in? What do you eat? What people do you surround yourself with? Make sure that, as much as you can, you are feeding yourself with loving influences and avoiding those things that cause you to feel fear or think fearful thoughts. You cannot perfect your life and you cannot purify it. Just make sure you are nourishing your love as much as possible.

What other ways can we find the greatest benefit by using the energy this month?

This month it is important to take care of your physical . That sense of nourishment also applies to your physical frame. As you pull energy downward, it really challenges your — it challenges your ability to stay centered in your . Running this extra energy through, whether you are conscious of it or not, does take a toll on the connection between your mind, your spirit, and your heart. Make sure you are taking very good care of your physical this month, especially in terms of what you eat.

Also participate in activities that help you be grounded with and connected with people at the same time. Spending time in nature and connecting with people while you are in nature will be very helpful. Any rituals or ceremonies that bring a group together in connection with the Earth will help you this month. Volunteering to do work on behalf of the planet is included, as well. You will really tap into the true power of this that is available in March of 2012 if you connect with and communities of people.

It is also important that you become aware of your interpersonal boundaries. This is something that most Lightworkers have been looking at and working on for many years. It is time to take a new look at how you manage your relationships. Are you fair? Are you honest? Are you kind? In the same way that you ask those questions on behalf of how you treat other people, make sure you ask those questions on behalf of yourself. Are you being true to yourself? Are you being fair to yourself? Are you being kind to yourself? Often you will need to say "no" to someone and to cause disappointment in order to take the best possible care of yourself. The wisdom that underlies your interpersonal boundaries as a is that taking care of yourself enables you to take better care of those around you. Depleting yourself disables you from taking good care of those around you. This has always been true and it is now necessary that you embrace this.

This month, make sure that you are really looking at your interpersonal relationships and fine-tuning your ability to say “No” with kindness and compassion when you need to in order to take the very best care of yourself that you can. By the same turn, say "Yes" when you need to in order to get the things that nourish your spirit and feed your soul.