19 March 2012

Channeler: Christine Anne K.

Published March 14, 2012

Please receive my greetings, Friends of Earth.You know me, I'm Aleanndor from Vega II, I belong as you know to the Galactic Fleet Command, which I am an with you, as it happened several times before.

Because of my position, my skills, I am privileged to know quite well your system of life, your circumstances, and from my position I am able to observe what is happening on your Earth at your level, as well as at higher level, say, beyond your atmosphere – where our fleets sometimes navigate, stand and do their job.

We are now, very Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters, entered a phase very different from what things used to be on the last time I spoke to you. Indeed, we now have adopted – since a few weeks ago – a more marginal position, and yet just as much guarding, benevolent, and caring as it may be, with respect to what is ongoing in your world and in your lives, your systems, your evolution. Therefore I could say that we do not intervene, or very little. However we have the ability to do so and we are, can we say, hard at work, and yet very active.

So we are happy to see, without fever, the development and conduct of certain phenomena and certain facts – that at our level we can observe pretty peacefully, but that at your own level you will not observe with such ease and clarity. Of course, we do not have the same point of view, nor even the same criteria of observation than those you may have – however, I can report these observations with certainty and clarity when speaking to you today.

So we see – say from about the of your planetary system -a phenomenon outbreak of small of Light. This is not what you call (at least some of you) Adamantine Light – which has been deployed now for many months, on and all over your planet. This is another type of , which are living : say a kind of microorganisms that have the ability to absorb and to eliminate a number of emanations, of distorted waves – some of which are produced (one part) by your electronic and electromagnetic systems, and all your communications tools whose frequencies are quite damaging (and you know that.)

These luminous particles, or microorganisms of Light, also have the ability to absorb, absorb what comes from your thoughts : your collective and individual thoughts. I know you use the word "egregore", I’m not sure it is completely appropriate for what I am describing, but I will leave you free, if it helps you, to use it as a reference – but I won’t do it myself… Know that, as in your natural wastewater treatment plants where plants are in charge for absorbing what needs to be purified in water, there is a phenomenon quite similar (although not identical) : absorption, resorption, and retransmissions "re-natured", say, of a number of weighting and distorting factors – which used to have the power to affect your mental and energetic structures by lowering your vibratory rate (and therefore have now less and less), and the power also to lock you mentally in some kind of closed systems where your thoughts were reduced to say, eating their own tail, or at least to focus exclusively on certain objects, with no escape whatsoever – with emotional aspects that could make them painful or annoying, which also had quite unwanted effects on your vibratory rate…

I’m just speaking about your thoughts. (As the question of what you call the electromagnetic pollution does not have to be re-debated at the moment, you know it sufficiently. Even if from our point of view and observation mode, the settings are deployed a bit differently).

I want you to consider what I’ve just been telling you. For the fact that you are aware, that you know there are particles of Light, say absorbing throughout their own biology, will allow you of course on one side – and we hope so – to evacuate certain reminiscences of concerns, or dark thoughts that you still might develop about a certain amount of environmental factors, or about your own personal stories.

This allows you also – and this is even more interesting – to increase this absorption phenomenon, and even the reproduction of some of these Luminous organisms, by using (very simply) your consciousness in order to act as a kind of .. (I will not use the word "catalyser", it seems inappropriate) a kind of multiplier and amplifier of these functions and of the observable results and actual biological work of these particles …

…Allow me to observe a small moment of silence – allowing you to contact and connect yourself through your thought to this. Knowing that your very thoughts, in those moments where you connect, will by themselves organize into a network, and contribute even more to the installation and deployment – such as a grid or a canvas – of the phenomenon I just mentioned.

vibrating silence…

…The multi-connections are therefore in the process of developing, and this is what we anticipated. By the way I specify we are not the authors of these particles installation, which are issued from the genetic and subtle micro-particles of bio-organisms laboratories based in systems essentially, and which were deposited and spreaded in different points of culture several weeks ago on your Planet. However, we are in a position of official surveillance of these particles-organisms, eversince they were actually put into action.

I inform you therefore – and this is the result of what I developed since the beginning of this intervention – that when you are consciously grateful and connected to what I would call a network – network composed of these particles and of your own thoughts as well – you have the ability my Dear Ones to connect, by broadcasting an inner intention – and not necessarily with words that are not necessarily well understood : and you are your own judges in any such situation – so you have the ability to transmit these Network settings to anyone around you, as soon as you will formulate the intent. I hope I am clear enough.

Again I will use an example: Mr. A is connected to the Network because he has consciously heard or read my speech. When going to meet Mr and Mrs B, C, D, E, F, G etc., he can, even in silence and by intent : connect his friends B, C, D, E etc. to this network. We believe the failure rate of these connections is certainly very low. In other words, do not deprive yourself of producing amplification and intensification of the Network or the field that therefore, I remind you, has the function of naturally purifying through Light all the pollution, not only from electromagnetic origin (say for simplicity) but also mental and emotional : related to your minds and your egos or what's left of them, say, to purify them as water will be purified. (All this with keeping a simple language.)

…There are actually other effects than just this purification procedure, which is only one step, allowing then a sort of redistribution of what was well enlightened, to feed another structure that shares the same goal and function of amplifying all over your planet these elevating vibrational devices, and stabilizing them so they are regularly distributed as much as possible, and not too different from one spot to another (because roller coasters are not a very comfortable model for the collective ascension.)

You will now (and this is the following of my intervention) for some of you – those who primarily desire, and some others who may not know it cleary, but will nevertheless be extremely happy – be in a state to cultivate such organisms at home. Their incubation period will be three to four weeks depending on conditions, and you just have to be welcoming and aware of their presence, as if you had a few little seedlings you want to take care of. You have nothing to do, if not heart care and watch over this growth …

How will you receive this culture ? You will either hear an inner sound or receive (in a manner which will be good for you) a signal. Say that this signal will manifest itself in a form which is able to happen for you. Whether physically, visually or internally, for example, or otherwise – but you'll recognize this signal in your heart. And if haphazardly you think you did not receive the signal but are willing to participate in this culture, believe you can still take care of a part of that culture – and you just look at it is vested with all your love, your consciousness and your wisdom.

What you can simply do – because you have nothing to sprinkle of course – is on the one hand to connect to these cultures with your thought and your heart vibration, the same way that you connect to the Network which they are intended to belong to, and second, this is not a requirement but you are free to sing for them for a few seconds, lightly, without seeking to produce a great operatic aria or anything like that. This is also a way to provide them, through these sounds and your inner joy, some nutritional vibrations which they certainly will draw great profit from – as well as, through bio-resonance, the whole. I presume this is clear enough.

I would add that the end of the culture period will see these alive Luminous particles disseminate in the Network and the field/fabric we talked about, and also in a sub-fabric which will build itself throughout this action. You will not, except some, receive any signal warning you that this is the end of the culture, but your inner attitude will be sufficient both for the culture period, the accompaniment for the dissemination and natural proliferation of these organisms. I think you will very naturally know and be able to connect properly, and vibrate as it should, simply …

There is nothing to intellectualize too much, right – even if I go through this mental speech bias, to give you sufficient precision on all these data and their organization … Now you can just practice mainly : Vibration and Joy.

I would add, because I think it may be important for some of you, I'll give you a name for what I speak about. You will decide if that is the name for a particle or for all of these particles : it's the same thing indeed, is it not ?

Here it is: Newtess-ill (french : nioutess-ill)

That's it, you can adapt it as you please with your own pronunciation, and what will please you in how to name it for yourself. This I think (and I'm sure) will contribute to the best installation of everything we talked about.

I invite you again in this silence to be just listening to the vibration of the fabric/field Newtess-ill, to what in yourself it resonates with and what you know about it.


We are therefore you and us, each at our levels, rehearsing the care, observation, monitoring and assisting the deployment of all of this Network, so important to the quality of your vibrational elevation and clarification of your individual Lights, and your Collective Light. I’m delighted.

Receive my greetings, Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of Earth at that moment, and once again I am delighted with this huge collaboration between you and us. We are all gardeners of Light, isn’t it a beautiful thing to share ? I salute you. Alleluia !

I am Aleanndor from Vega II, commissioned by the Galactic Fleet and the monitoring Network of Newtess-ill micro-organisms. See you soon, at least in this shared supervision.

Channeled via Christine Anne K – 13 March 2012
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