4 March 2012

Channeler: Shelley Young

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March 4, 2012

occurs from being in accelerated flow in fear. Being in fear tells you you are out of . So, anxiety occurs from experiencing flow without . A simple moment of stillness with the of aligning with Source is a quick and effective fix. Anxiety's best friend, depression, occurs from resistance to the flow, so to the flow with and is the antidote to the discomfort of depression as well. Dear Ones, we cannot tell you enough times that the combination of surrender, , flow and trust is all that is required to move into the life of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 3, 2012

We wish to remind you that all movement is forward movement. You are always divinely guided, through your sunniest times and especially during your stormiest times. It can be difficult to feel the of your guides and helpers through the of distress, but rest assured it is during those times that your guides gather closest to wrap you in their love and encouragement. You are never alone, and there is always purpose to all of your life experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 2, 2012

We understand that many of you look forward to your weekends. You live in the model that has you work hard all week long, then enjoy life for two days. While we understand that this is a societal expectation, we find it hard to believe that you support a model that includes so little joy. This is just a belief system, Dear Ones! In reality, you can be experiencing joy and flow and freedom every day, if you just change your expectations and accept that as a potential for yourself. Joy and happiness are not meant to be such small fractions of your life expressions. They are meant to be your constant state of being. Know that is something that is available to you, if you open yourself to that possibility. How do you get there? By setting your intention and surrendering to the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 1, 2012

With the intensity of the energies you are experiencing and the acceleration of the creation of the New Earth, many of you will be experiencing different symptoms. You may feel energized one day, depleted the next. You may sleep well one day, and toss and turn the next. You may love a certain one day and not be able to look at it the next. You may find yourself slipping into different dimensions spontaneously or having profound spiritual experiences. All of it is part of the process. Know you are always safe and receiving exactly what you need. It is through acceptance and surrender to the flow that you will navigate these with grace and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 29, 2012

Is fear of judgment and the opinions of others holding you back from the freedom of living your life exactly as you see fit? The only person who is qualified to make decisions about your life is you. Would you take medical advice from someone who did not have all the facts? Directions from someone who had never heard of the place you were travelling to? Of course not. The same is for your own sacred life path. Allow yourself to be the expert of your own life and allow your soul to lead the way. It is the fastest way to a joyous, empowered life experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 28, 2012

If you feel stuck and wish to change something in your life but don't know how to begin, we would say to you, set your intention, surrender to the flow and then take any step forward. It does not matter what direction you move in, it indicates your surrender to the flow and your guides will quickly step in and start sweeping you in the right direction. Simply follow the path of least resistance and you will find yourself in a much better place in record time. We understand many of you hesitate because you do not wish to make a mistake. Trust that only the highest good can happen when you are a willing dance partner with the universe, allowing your soul to take the lead. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 27, 2012

A common area where people give away their power is with their health. Dear Ones, you are in charge of your organism. Intend to have complete healing and whole health and watch what comes up. It will likely be all the reasons why you think it is not possible. Allow the self-limiting beliefs to release then ask your body to move into your divine blueprint of perfect health. Your health is like all other aspects of your incarnation. You are in charge. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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