28 March 2012


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March 19, 2012

As so many of you are empaths and feel energy so strongly, many of you have trouble finding appropriate boundaries. It can be difficult to discern where your responsibility begins and ends. Dear Ones, you can never fix another, no matter how much your tender heart wishes it could be so. To attempt to do so would be taking away their opportunity to grow and evolve and develop skills for themselves. To stay in appropriateness, we suggest that you only give help when the help is asked for, and to make sure that it is only given in a way that is empowering the other. To stay in energetic balance, we suggest you only invest as much effort into the person as they are willing to give themselves. Your goal is always to help others to bloom and grow, never to develop dependency upon you. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 20, 2012

You are part of a team – an amazing team of humanity that is here to create the New Earth. Your role is so sacred, so important to you, that many of you are feeling tremendous pressure. Many of you are feeling a sensation of urgency, feeling like you must hurry up and do something but are not sure what that something may be. We wish to reassure you, that simply applying all that you know and holding your highest light is more than enough. Staying balanced and in your integrity and authentic power is what is required. If each and every awakening human being on the planet simply focuses on doing just that, the ascension will be attained with far greater ease than what you thought possible. It is a collective effort, Dear Ones, so understand that embodying what you know supports the whole, as the whole supports you in this glorious dance of creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 21, 2012

is a powerful creation tool. It gives the universe clear feedback which allows it to deliver what you really wish to create. If you do nothing more than practice , it is more than enough to transform any situation. It is through that you will develop the true mastery of being in empowered movement. It is the difference between careening wildy in a raft with no paddles or taking the comfortable boat with the advanced navigation system down the river of the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 22, 2012

Many of you know exactly what your truth is, then immediately try talking yourselves out of it with ideas of what you should or should not be doing according to what will please others. We understand that it takes courage to stand in your truth, but it is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and for others. If you do not, you are merely prolonging the inevitable because eventually you will become so uncomfortable that you will need to step into that core truth anyways. Look at all the valuable time and effort wasted dancing around your truth! Deep in your core, if you just take a moment to connect with it, is the part of you that knows, without a doubt, how to proceed in all situations in the way that honours you the most. Listening to that part of yourself and honouring yourself enough to act on it, is mastery in motion. It means always choosing what you know to be the best choice for you because you understand that honouring yourself is the best way to honour the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 23, 2012

Today is a fresh new day, with everlasting freshness in each now moment. Do not pollute it with memories of old hurts and limitations or fear of the unknown future. Celebrate it as a brand new beginning that the universe has gifted to you for you to use to create your highest expression of yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 24, 2012

Dear Ones, we encourage you to examine and step beyond any limiting beliefs you carry about , because it is that your soul is looking to experience. from all self limiting belief systems, from disease, from poverty, from judgment, from anything that is keeping you small or based in illusion. Your soul wishes you to live a life without limitation so you can shine in all your expanded brilliance. ~Archangel Gabriel

March 25, 2012

Remember, Dear Ones, that the path to enlightenment is based on BEing not doing. Embrace the flow and trust that the entire process is designed to get you exactly where you need to be. It need not be more complicated than that. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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