28 March 2012


Archangel Indriel. Your Golden Temple of Peace. By, Le. March 28, 2012.

Greetings, Brightest Lights of Heaven, I am Indriel of the Angelic Realms. I am your sweet friend and keeper of the light you bear. Consider me a watcher and protector of you, the Lightholders and Way showers in service to Holy Gaia. Always, I am here and always you may seek me. Topaz light…in these look for me. For as you summon, I will come.

I hold you closely in my heart, young bringers of the light. You walk upon this ground in Human form but have the soul of the warrior. I am here always when you seek to clear your minds of the webs spun from the false threads of your immediate reality. You must clear these to be truly able to be of help to another. When you heal your heart, you heal the world around you.

Seek me in the Golden Temples of Peace, your home of refuge, and keep to mind that you do not walk these halls alone. I will guide your way. Be always aware that as you share light, it is natural to sometimes take upon yourself the fleeing pain of those others. Be not distressed by this, as it is a blessed thing to feel so deeply. Yet, you must take heed to wash away what has been cast forth, upon completion of your task. Give it unto God and begin afresh.

Summon me also as you discover your gifts. So great a number of you are only now beginning to flower. Your blessings are vast and plentiful. I beg you, dears, partake of them all! It is in these ways that you as Wayshowers illuminate clearly the road to upliftment. Empty your cluttered minds of all frivolous thought and dwell within your temple, your sacred place. Discard all preconceived notions of what you think you believe and have been falsely taught. Seek silence. See before a large basket. Observe it from this clear place. Is it woven of gold or silver, or possibly of a fabric gathered from Gaia herself? What is it’s shape? Round? Oval? Squared? Peer within at it’s precious contents. See that it is filled with gleaming gems of all type. Reach within and touch them, feeling their coolness and observing their facets and the brilliant manner in which they reflect the light. You reflect the light. These gems represent your gifts, a timeless bounty form God. Select them and implement them as you work, forever mindful that with use they can only flourish within you. Use them well, mighty Lightbearer, and if you know not how, then I shall teach you.

The sun arises soon, and you will be called upon to spread your message far and wide. So much healing will be done in these days to come! It is needful of you to amass your knowledge now. You shall glow bright in these times. You cannot be harmed. You are light.