29 February 2012

Beautiful and powerful healing
Channelled from Susannah my lovely rose quartz crystal skull one of The Crystal Team – channelled through Lindsay (Atlantean Crystal Master)

“Susannah would like to send her and appreciation for spreading the word about her wonderful pink light and her , and reminding people of the infinite peace and the sparkly white light that is available to them.
So settle yourself, take a few deep breaths and feel your roots going deep into Mother and place whatever protection around yourself that is comfortable for you.

“Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. My , my crystalline is in this rose quartz crystal. I chose to be in this crystal because my essence is one of love and light and joy and this crystal represents those qualities of my essence and they blend together to a soft, gentle, loving that helps heal people on all levels.

This crystal form is in a skull shape which identifies, in a friendly way, with the human form, a face, a friend, recognizable, something we feel comfortable with and we are happy to be carried around in a pocket, or placed by the bedside or on the mantelpiece where we can be in touch with you, where, our energies can merge with yours and we can be sending out healing energy to you and to the planet.

There is much need at this time for healing energies for people who are feeling disconnected and disorientated and for our beautiful who is on her journey of ascension.
So by radiating out through the essence of this crystal form we are able to continuously send out and radiate out love, and light so we can be in touch with you at all times and our essence and higher aspect, which is in immense form can be in touch with you wherever you are and you can link into that energy, to that form, to feel that wonderful sense of peace, of love, of connection of Divine order and of Oneness.

Our crystalline structure is such that we identify with the Earth, we are of the Earth and that links with your crystalline grid, your crystalline structure and enables us to work on a very deep level with you and this helps to heal from the inside, it helps your DNA, it helps every cell in your body to


and to bring Divine Love and Divine Light and healing so that you may radiate out this wonderful, clear, shiny, polished light which inspires everyone and clears everyone and clears the energies, so we thank you.

You may tune in to us to receive that lovely pink light of love that replenishes and restores and heals and repairs, that soft pink light you can feel in your , you can absorb it into every cell of you, feel that love, feel that warmth, feel that joy, feel the softness, hug it to yourself, integrate it with yourself and your cellular structure and then radiate it out and as with the infinite peace that is the essence of this crystal also, integrate it and absorb it, know that it is working to bring you peace, to bring peace to all people, to the planet, to the Universe, working together with Oneness, in harmony for the good of all. Integrate it, absorb it, feel that beautiful sparkly white light and send that essence out in your .
If you could see the light that radiates out from you – upon you all – you would have no doubt about the benefits of working with us, with crystals and how it all helps manifest The Divine Plan.
So thank you”.

With love from Susannah – and the Crystal Team
Channelled by Lindsay