Posted on March 22, 2012

The temperatures have warmed, the birds are singing loudly announcing spring has arrived and all seems well, but let us not forget that a is indeed on its way and we need to ourselves quickly. Most of you know me well enough by now to know I don’t write about this to create fear. I don’t give in to fear, but I also believe we all need to be ready for whatever comes our way. This is the crux of the battle now, this is the time where we make it or break it. This is the time we need all the light we can get to shine brightly from our love filled hearts. That is our greatest mission now, more than ever before.

Hold love and light in your hearts.

Well, how do I do that we ask. We hold love and light in our hearts by staying in a positive and loving no matter what is going around you. We must believe in a better world, we all must make changes and become loving and compassionate beings. By refusing to give in to fear we hold the light, by refusing to believe the lies and actively searching for the truth we hold the light, by clearing away our own personal issues and becoming stronger within ourselves we hold love, by reaching out and helping others and seeing all equally as one we are holding love. By stepping out of our own small worlds and trying to make a difference in the bigger world we are expanding out hearts and minds.

As the system begins to unravel at a faster and faster speed, things will soon become chaotic as people’s lives once dependent upon this system will now be dangling in the wind. If we have done our homework we will know that all is well despite this chaos. We will know that what we are being told is not reality, we must make our own reality. Have supplies ready just in case there is a short disruption as the systems of power switch into position. There is always some discomfort and apprehension centered around change. If you believe with all your heart this change is needed to better the world, then there will be no fear.

You are prepared and awake to what is coming.

Let us take this period of and use it to our advantage. Along with preparing physically we need to prepare mentally. Opening our minds to new ideas is surely needed. We cannot create a new world with our old 3D ways of thinking. I mean open up wide! Yes, there are other beings out there in the universe, some of whom we may very well be meeting in the near future. Yes our own Government has been working against us and trying to kill us off. The days of saying” Oh they wouldn’t do that” are over. They have and they will continue to do so until their control has been taken down. There is a huge amount of truths getting ready to be revealed to us all and we best be ready for it.

Stay opened up WIDE!

If you begin to falter under the pressure of the chaos and lies, seek out those who uplift you to help you back into your heart space. That is why we are all here at this time. To not only awaken others who are sleeping but to support each other so we can remain in the light and keep working. Find websites such as this one where you can come and share your thoughts and get support. That is why I have the section Comparing Notes at the top of the page so we can come together and keep our lights shining brightly. We all have our moments of weakness, for yes, we are human beings. Be kind and patient with yourselves and know what you are doing is important beyond measure. We are all needed and loved.

We must not forget the children as well. We can serve them best by raising them in the light so that they will know to be loving and compassionate to all. Allow them space to grow into who THEY wish to become. Speak to them about what is taking place and emphasize to them that there is no need to feel fear! Tell them how their light and love is needed to win this battle. By encouraging them to be a part of what is taking place, this cements them in place and takes away that doubt and fear of just watching what is happening and not understanding it and not being able to do anything.

The bottom line here is ALL WILL BE WELL !

There is no room for doubt and fear in our lives. We know what we have to do and if we just stand firm in our beliefs and do what is needed of us, the light force will grow in intensity, blinding out the dark. We are well on our way right now, the end is near and we remain intact. Let us keep each other in our hearts and prayers and extend our hands out to all who may need them. Stay aware and fearless.

Blessings to you all,