Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 09 – 16, 2012
Channeled by:

It is pleasing to be back speaking to all of you through your lovely sister. I am eager to discuss so much with you and give you equally as much to think about when we are done.

You will come across one or two dear souls that will rub you the wrong way. Maybe they do not see your point-of-view, or are tactless with their approach to your own important values and beliefs. Part of your spiritual growth dear ones is learning tolerance and patience towards yourself and towards ALL others. Each dear person on this beloved planet has a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is not clearly revealed, yet subtle clues are given if the observer is keen enough to notice. Some of your brothers and sisters are put across your path just to push those buttons you have so neatly put in place. They test the endurance of your faith, inner-strength, integrity and most of all self-love. The key dear ones is learning to watch your reactions when occurrences happen between you and another who don’t see eye-to-eye. The use of hurtful words, combative stances, or other negative behaviour does no body any good. Find ways to bring calm between the two of you, especially if you must work together or be in close proximity. When you are alone and have quiet time to yourself, decree love for the person that has spoken roughly or expressed themselves in a negative manner. Forgive them and forgive yourself.

When you have smoothed out the rough places, you will find God working in Harmony with the two of you and you will proceed along to further learning and understanding of your spiritual understanding that leads to spiritual growth and personal contentment. When you deeply feel peace has been accomplished then the commitment to the beginning of your soul’s alchemical joining to the Christ Self which will bring you to the reunion with your God Presence and fundamental body through the formal procedure towards ascension.

It is important dear ones when striving to achieve ascension at any time throughout your life you are conscientiously applying what you have already learned in a God-Like manner. The performance of your daily tasks speaks of pure love that is rich with the Love of God. As mentioned in previous messages through our vessel, it is imperative to work through the Laws of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as Karma, clear any negativity including people if possible, and learn to love yourself in a way that has little to no Ego involved. When you are able to love yourself and others with an unconditional heart, there is no room for the Ego.

You may speak unto God, declaring your goal of ascension for this lifetime and make a heartfelt call to your I AM Presence to see if any part of your divine mission can be unfolded. It is your distinctiveness of your true self that speaks of your spiritual heart and the comprehension of your true self as most important perception of any singular person can have. It is this Self that begins with a permanent particle of being, the source of which the effect continues. This is also explained as; I AM THAT I AM, as God in Action.

Your Real Self is noticed in the connectedness of the Evolving Self. Some of you have been able to chart your divine self. The chart of your true self demonstrates so many universal truths that have been revealed by notable spiritualists of the East and West. The chart of your Divine Self is composed of three parts. These three parts are often considered the trinity of your own individuality.

The first part of creating a chart depicting your divine self is the upper figure that represents your I AM Presence. To Hindus it is Brahma, for Buddhists it is called the Dharmakava. For the many Christians, this first part is thought of the as the Spirit of God. Your I AM Presence in your chart is to be encircled by seven spheres of various sizes that will be the accumulation of your spiritual body. The spheres are energetic spiritual that holds your register for all your virtuous efforts. They correspond to the seven Elohim, the seven Archangels, the seven days of Creation and the seven Rays and they also speak of the seven basic vehicles within your spirit body – the chakras. Each one produces a white light that indicates the individual and the source of the Father, Brahma or the I AM THAT I AM. These seven ways decipher the direction towards seven paths that lead back to the source of all that is, and to the lords and masters of the seven rays. These Masters will teach those that seek them along this path. It is your I AM Presence dear ones that is an integral part of yourself right now; it has never been removed and it has never been separated from you. The only separation some of you may experience is from your own sense of restriction which is a false understanding that becomes corrected over time from self-love, surrounding yourself with people that are uplifting and encouraging, and dedication to yourself and to God.

The second stage or part to the charting of your divine self is the Higher Self. This is the consciousness of the Self that can understand and interpret the imperfection of the soul to something of the Perfection of the I AM THAT I AM. It is a part of your own mind, body and spirit that is true and real enough to be in the holy Presence of God. This second part as many names, the Higher Self, the higher Mental Body the Real Self, the Christ Self, etc. What the chart of your divine self will indicate for you, is that you are destined to becoming one with that self, regardless if this is the Christ, the Buddha, the Atman or others that you direct your questions and prayers to.

Dear ones all that has been provided today is a brief description. I will be including an image of what a chart can look like. Now the final part of your chart is YOU. You are the breathing prospective potential of God. It is your soul that is evolving and changing on the spiritual path that you woke to. Inside each of you is a mortal part that has the potential of becoming immortal. The sacred is illustrated on your Chart as being around you. The flame is a high energy frequency that enables transformation of negativity from various life times and holds the energy of forgiveness. It is the invocation of the that cleanses all disharmony caused by you or by others to be dissolved. On your chart, around the is the shielding white light of God. By using the skill of the Spoken Word to bring about the circle of white light, you will protectively seal your aura and seal your chakras from the heavy weight of obscurity and low energy negativity that is still flowing upon your lovely Earth. There is a shaft of light that descends from the I AM Presence through the Christ Self to the lower figure of the Chart. This is for some the silver cord and for others the crystal cord. It is also the lifeline that connects you to the Spirit. Your crystal cord or silver cord also feeds that special brilliant flame of God that is concealed in a special place deep within your dear heart. Within this special place inside your heart is the Threefold Flame, which holds the elements of the Spirit – power, wisdom and love. The Threefold Flame is a blessed Spark of a blessed Fire that God has communicated from his own heart to yours. God has given to you the spark of himself.

Once I include an image you will understand more how everything fits together. There is a purpose for your soul dear ones and that is to grow in self-mastery, to balance your karma, fulfill your mission here on Earth and to ascend in the Light. It is the end of ALL your incarnations that propels you to become your real self. Through your attention to your spiritual path, dedication and commitment the three figures on your chart that are now separate because of a restricted perception that will one day become ONE.

Our discussion today took an interesting curve that was unknown to the vessel here. Please dear ones, take the initiative to learn more of yourself that will lead you to the perfect oneness that is not elusive, yet requires you to be honest with your efforts and with yourself. Know dear ones that we of the Divine have your best interests at hand and love you tremendously.

And so it is, Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Julie Miller
.* I did not draw the image. I was drawn to it by Serapis Bey.