12 March 2012

through Lindsay – Atlantean Crystal Master

“My message to you all dear friends is one of more scientific interest as I am from far, far away and almost galactic in my as you might see it. My is multi-coloured and multi-dimensional as I travel between times, space and there are no limits in this energy; it is beyond your comprehension.

And yet, it is a wonderful place to be, to see the stars alight and the planets rotating and your lovely planet , as your home. It is all to the glory of what you perceive as God or The Great Presence.
Our energies can link and unite dear ones, because we are in essence all part of one and the same, your origins, your being emanated from here and will return here after what you see as your physical death on your Earth.

Reconnecting to your ancient
In linking together, we are able to down-load to you all necessary for you to reconnect your memories to ancient wisdom that has been known and understood for eons of time. about , patterns, sounds and vibrations, that you know really, they are stored in your cellular make-up and because you are crystalline in essence too this enables your systems and memories to recall this . You do not need to re-learn but may need prompts for you to recall it so we are able to provide this in different means for you.

There is too much information to down-load through Lindsay and you do not need it all anyway, but we are here to assist those of you with the knowledge of ancient wisdom to link into our energies and remember that information.

Settle yourself into life on Earth
Travelling through the stars and the sky is a magnificent place to be, you can link into those planets that you have experienced before and refresh yourself of how wonderful life is on the outer reaches of space. You have these links and some of you may find it difficult to settle into life on earth because you feel homesick but do not understand why or how this could be.

Rest assured, oh loved ones, that we do see you struggle, we do send you our love and reassurance that all will be well, that you can settle yourself into life on Earth by acknowledging this feeling but at the same time moving your energies into the earthly energies by involving yourself in life on Earth and realising the value of this experience, to fulfil your purpose here and know that it is just a part of your spiritual quest, your journey, something you desired to experience in this lifetime in this dimension, but it is not forever, and life on Earth can be a beautiful thing.
Open your heart to it, open your mind to it and be glad of the experience. Mother Earth will support you and nurture you, connect yourself to her wonderful energies and ask her for her support, her love, her nourishment and sit and feel your feet upon the ground, even when you are looking at the sky and the stars and know that all is well, you are loved and supported in your time on Earth, it will not be forever.

Codes and patterns as part of Universal Oneness
Our codes and patterns are very important to you in understanding the connection between everything, how all things scientific, mathematical and astrological are linked with the common purpose of Universal good, of Universal energies, of Universal Oneness. You are beginning to see connections and patterns and more information is being made available to you as science and religion – for want of a better word, reunite as they once were and are understood as being part of the spiritual dimension of life – so too the understanding of the codes and patterns will fall into place.

For it is not only humans who are all part of a Oneness, of a Unity Consciousness but so is the Universe, the galaxy, the stars, the planets are all linked by an order, a Divine Plan, a Oneness which is inter-dependent on another so the energies blend, you might say, to create an order, a system, a pattern that is self-regulating and when one aspect becomes out of order, the rest of the system must compensate or rebalance and this is not always for the best when negative energies create the imbalance. The adjustments may not be for the good of all.

Spectacular energy shifts
But, oh gracious beings, when the energies are of joy, peace, harmony, understanding, love, respect, honour, graciousness, then we are talking spectacular lights in the sky, spectacular energy shifts, and spectacular arrays of positive energy creating wonderful adjustments, patterns and changes for the very best for all.
Can you see how this works dear ones, can you see the joy and the light, lighting up the sky sending wave upon wave of gladness out, out, out into the Universe and beyond? The colours are beyond the words you have to describe them, the energies are pure and clear, it is magnificent to see and experience, so remember our wonderful earthly beings you are part of this brilliantness, you, are part of this wonderment.

Can you feel the difference, can you sense how powerful this is and you are doing your part in this? For each small part is a part of the whole and each small action is part of the whole and each small thought is part of the whole and know that we are here to help and support you in all possible ways.
Laugh and dance and share your joy for you are each magnificent in your own way.
Ask us for help, and we will send you love and comfort, happiness and joy forever, and always.
Thank you”.
Channelled from Starlite of The Crystal Team through
Lindsay – Atlantean Crystal Master