7 March 2012

Channeler: Will Berlinghof

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CAC General Reading, Will Berlinghof Interpreter, November 29, 2011, Joan Mills, questioner and energizer.


COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is available at this time for the purpose of offering the 2012 forecast. This Awareness would wish to start by announcing that this will be the last forecast for the next year by this Awareness before that event which is the Ascension event. This last forecast is not the "last forecast". There will be a 2013, a 2014, a 2015 etc., but it is the last time before the shift in consciousness occurs, before the shift of Mother Earth occurs that is known as the Ascension event. At this time this Awareness wishes to go over some of the possibilities that may occur over the year 2012 up to that point of Ascension on December 21, 2012. Before It goes over these possibilities, It wishes to state that in this time period, this last year of time before Ascension, this End Time, many events can occur that will be important either in the collective sense or in the personal sense. Forecasting events is of course focusing only on one timeline and this Awareness will try, in a manner of speaking, to present predictions of what would be the most commonly experienced timeline by a majority of individuals.

This Awareness wishes all to remember in these End Times, this year out of phase, this year of void – that one needs to take greater and greater responsibility for what they themselves are creating because of the beliefs that they are tied into, because of the reality they share with others that they assume to be reality. This year represents a year for many to step into their own power, to actively create the reality that will work the best for them. For many there may not be an experiencing of the events this Awareness will present in a moment, because they have effectively chosen a timeline that may avoid much of the chaos that will be present for many others. It does not mean that this Awareness was wrong in Its predictions, it simply means that those who do not those major events of upheaval have been successful already in creating a new time track or line of reality that allows them to circumvent the more serious events that could well occur in 2012.

They may even slide into Ascension, not experiencing anything of great significance in their minds, but this does not mean that they did not ascend, it simply means that they were already very successful in creating the new reality, and to go on creating this new reality based on the belief that all will be fine, that the new truth of that which is Planet A, that which is the Planet of Ascension, is that which they are already lined up with and tuned into. Many believe Ascension will be leaving the planet behind that they once knew as they jump into a different reality of the spiritual kind. Some indeed will experience this, especially those who have been working toward introducing and experiencing and living their Light, their higher truth, their conceptions of their higher multidimensional being. But for many the experience will be more akin to simply starting a new day and perceiving as before, but then starting to notice that it is not as before, and that many are the changes that have occurred and many are the changes that will continue to occur as those who find themselves on this seemingly unaltered path will discover.

Therefore this Awareness does stipulate that Its forecast for 2012 will be only what the majority may find themselves experiencing but does not indicate that it is the reality that all will experience. Therefore, even though this Awareness presents events that could unfold in 2012, others may experience entirely different events and the unfolding of those events. Please bear this in mind, for the times have already changed and are continuing to change. Many have already stepped into the new realities and are not even aware that they have already done so. This is simply another understanding of the complex processes that are involved in the journey towards Ascension.

Also, this Awareness wishes to that as It stated last year already, events will be occurring so quickly and new unexpected situations arising that will not be within the forecast of


2012 that this Awareness is presenting in this timeframe approximately 12-1/2 months before 2012, December 21. These events as they are occurring will be dealt with by this Awareness in the red alerts that this Awareness will issue when certain energetic events occur. Thus, this forecast is but a broad overview and the energies of this timeframe will necessitate that this Awareness often addresses issues as they are about to occur or even as they are occurring. This Awareness is saying that there may indeed be other forecasts throughout the year, other updates to the events that are unfolding, as they unfold. This will prepare individuals more adequately for those events that are unfolding and allow them to better adjust to those events that may be fearful in nature, so that they do not succumb to fear, doubt or panic.

2012 Economy- No Stability!

At this time this Awareness wishes to begin Its broader overview of 2012. The first thing that many Americans will be wondering is whether or not there will be a stabilization in their nation in 2012, and whether those many who are economically strained and stressed will have an easier go of it, whether or not jobs will reappear and the country stabilized and the economy put on track. Again, this Awareness does not see this as occurring, but rather sees an escalation in 2012 as the country itself and the world itself start to fracture, as many of those traditions that were once held to be sacrosanct, that would not and could not change, indeed do change, and do come to endings and conclusions. To understand this point will allow individuals to understand what is needed in the year ahead is flexibility – the flexibility to go with the situations that are unfolding, be they economic situations, such as the collapse of the economic systems of the world, of the United States of America, or social traditions that no longer are in effect, that are seemingly empty and devoid of the meanings they once had.

As one has this flexibility and lives in trust – that all will be well despite the challenges, the upheavals, the difficulties that some may be experiencing, one simply needs to hang on and to believe in the higher powers of one's own being – that they will come through, especially as they begin to see to a greater degree how they can create their own realities, their own events, their own undertakings to correct situations, to make things better for themselves and their loved ones. But it will continue to be a year of collapse on the economic front. The to and fro situation of the stock markets around the world and in the United States will continue and it is seen that in January of 2012, towards the latter end, there will be a major upheaval that will seriously contract the economy of the United States of America and indeed the entire world economy. This will be followed up several months later in March, April, May with further collapsing of the economic situations and tighter controls of the world's banks and the banks of the individual nations that are experiencing collapse.

In a way it will be seen that it is the global economy that is collapsing and individual nations will fare better or worse than other nations. Those who are most in debt, such as the United States of America, will fare the worst. Those who are not as deeply involved with the political economic systems and the Powers That Be will fare better. But as they are already not faring well, this often being the case in Third World countries, they will seemingly be at the same level, and one observing those nations would not observe much difference, for they already are in bad economic situations. It is those countries that have the most to lose that will be the most profoundly affected, for if you have more to lose, the loss of what you have will indeed feel worse than not losing what you did not already have in the first place.

The Collapse of the Old Reality System


Bear in mind that what is occurring is the collapse of the reality system of belief that dictates materialism as the highest form of existence, and as this highest belief in physical materialism breaks apart, those who cling to it the strongest are those who would be and will be the most affected. If one looks around one will see that many are in similar situations, and the way forward in these times will be to start coming together with others to help one another to create local economies, to create situations where there is not a reliance on the big powers any longer: the banks, the insurance companies, the stock market, etc., but for those to come together who have things to share, be it food, be it product, objects to trade, material things to share with others, homes, shelters, etc. to open up to others.

It is necessity that will bring many together, for the old way of belief that each must make it on their own, each family as an island separate and devoid from others, is the corruption of the beliefs that have been traditional in the nation of the United States of America, where it began in a collective effort, a communal effort, as those who were the Pilgrims arrived on the shores of this great nation. They worked with one another and they worked with the Native Americans in the region to survive, and survive they did. It is this pioneer spirit; this Pilgrim mentality that needs to resurface at this time so that others who have little can share with others, bringing the little they have together to help others, and the collective resource that is created in such a communal effort will be such that all will survive.

Surviving the Economic Collapse

It is a matter of survival perhaps for many who are in more extreme conditions, and collapse because the economic situation has collapsed would be giving into fear and not into the understanding and belief that there can be survival when many come together. This will be seen around the world in 2012 where countries collapse. It is seen on the world economic stage, for example, that the countries of Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal will experience severe economic collapse, and this will fracture the European Union, and yet in those countries that break away from the European Union, that declare bankruptcy of their countries, the people at local levels will start to cooperate again, will start to come together, and will create local industry and local economies, and thus what is being touted as the destruction of the planet's economic system may simply lead humans to new ways of cooperating, being flexible, being willing to do with less, and being able to look at the greater picture and realize survival is still possible, even though that which was the norm, that which was the paradigm of belief of how life should look will collapse.

Those who can focus in such a manner will indeed survive the economic collapse that will take place in 2012. In terms of government, it is seen that the elections of 2012 may still take place but it is not seen that the current President of the United States will survive the election, if he even reaches the election, for it is seen that there may be events that take him out of power or at least do not encourage his running for the Democratic ticket in 2012. It is seen that a new leader will be elected, but it is also seen that this new leader will not be inaugurated in January, for the collapse of the system will also collapse the government, and as the government collapses the old rulers that have been in power and in charge will also be swept away, for they are a corruption of the highest values, they are leaders who are not leading the people, but are servants to the Powers That Be, the corporations and companies that undermined the rights and best interests of the people of America.

These leaders may all be tried for treason if their crimes are truly exposed and many will be charged and held to account for their crimes, for they are not truly acting in the spirit of the Constitution of the United States of America. They are not there to serve the people who have elected them but are there for their own self-interests and self-aggrandizement. These ones will no longer be tolerated and as the entire system collapses they will mostly be thrown out of power


because of the collapse of the government, or in certain cases arrested and held accountable for their crimes. Thus, the collapse of the political system of the United States will be a major event of 2012. This collapse will not be confined to the United States of America.

Many Governments Will Collapse

Many countries around the world will also experience the collapse of their governments, for the people are on the move, and many are starting to proclaim the inadequacies of the systems that now exist, the power brokering on behalf of the super wealthy, that which is often referred to as the one percent. Those countries where the leadership breaks apart will again fall to more localized governance, and local economies, local situations of assisting one another, will become the norm in the year 2012, or at least it will be the beginning of what will become the norm after that event of Ascension on December 21, 2012. The rebellion will continue that this Awareness spoke of for 2011 and the rebellion will become a grassroots movement.

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has gone worldwide will continue and will gain more and more support as more and more individuals see the incongruity of the power structures that exist now. As events unfold, as the deterioration of the political economic situation continues, and those corrupt officials who are in power seek to serve their masters more obviously, it will in turn bring the masses to the realization, finally, that they have been asleep and have been controlled and enslaved even by those ones who claim power. The Occupation Movement worldwide will indeed become stronger and stronger, the grassroots movement becoming the wave that sweeps away the corruption of the Powers That Be. This is in alignment to the shifting energies of consciousness that will also be occurring during this period of 2012 and then beyond.

Many will completely understand how they have given their powers away willingly, and have been duped by those in power to believe the lies that they have been raised on, and it will be a significant upheaval, for it is not simply that they will blame the Powers That Be who have that power and have exerted it over the masses, but they will truly begin to understand that it is their responsibility to assume their own power first and foremost in their own lives and then in a collective manner that is responsible for the welfare of all. Those in charge in governments at this time are not there to govern for the people, but instead to make the lives easier for those who have the highest degree of power.

Politicians to be Arrested!

As the grassroots movements begin to flex their muscles as more and more join in, those who in their corruption have the people and have worked against their welfare will be held to account, as this Awareness has said. So therefore, expect 2012 to bring sensational arrests of politicians that in previous times would never have been arrested, for the populace was too much asleep at the time. An awakening in consciousness therefore will be a very prevalent energy and event in the year 2012, and this will lead to sweeping changes.

Weather and Geophysical Events in 2012

In terms of the predictions this Awareness will make for weather and geophysical events, there is seen to be a building up of pressures in the Midwestern United States along the New Madrid fault line and there is seen a probable catastrophic event as a result of the New Madrid fault line shifting and creating a rift in the middle of the United States of America. It is also seen that there are


geophysical activities on the Western coast as well. Thus, it could be in 2012, and this Awareness says could be, that there will be a one-two knockout blow for the United States of America in two events of major significance that hit the United States of America. This is an event that is seen as a possibility, but this Awareness would recommend that the majority do not energize this event, but rather see it as not taking place, so that the energies are dissipated because people become conscious and start to shift and change.

One reason these events could occur is if the people do not start to wake up, and refuse to see the unfolding events around them as both the collapse of the old regime and the dawn of the new. If they stay in their rigid patterns of behavior, their rigid mindsets, this rigidity is that which needs to be loosened, even fractured and released, and this may indeed occur in a geophysical event such as described by this Awareness. This is very much part of the energies that the masses may experience in 2012.

The weather that has been extreme, not only in the United States of America but around the world, will again continue to be erratic and extreme. This too is part of those energies that are building up for a shift in consciousness and a shift in the reality of what once was and what will be. 2012 will be marked by some of the most extreme weather disasters that have ever been experienced, for as the shifting energies become stronger and stronger, moving towards the Ascension, the weather patterns will exemplify them, will mirror them, and will become stronger and stronger. In those areas where there was drought in 2011, there will be even more extreme drought. In areas where there was flooding and tornadoes, expect more flooding and tornadoes.

Part of this is due to the manipulation of weather systems by those who possess HAARP technology, and there is a hidden war that is going on that will escalate in 2012, even perhaps breaking out in armed conflict between China and the United States of America. These conflicts, these situations of war, may bring both countries to the brink of declaring war on each other, but it is not seen that this will happen in 2012. This type of event may carry on into 2013, 2014, where it will become a reality in the Planet B scenarios. Again, this is an event this Awareness does not recommend that you focus on or energize

Many in 2012 will start to awaken to of a new reality dawning, and the biggest movement of 2012, due to the many events of upheaval and change that will be experienced, is that they will start to see reality much differently than it was conceived before. Thus, the shift in consciousness that is necessary to get many ready for an Ascension event will take place rapidly in 2012, many indeed waking up, as this Awareness has said, and many questioning the Powers That Be, the beliefs and paradigms of belief that have so strongly controlled and governed entities' lives and belief systems.

The Crazies Will Become the Sane Ones

Thus, see 2012 as a year of a rebellion of consciousness as well as a rebellion of Spirit. There will also be many miraculous events that start to take place in 2012, and these miracles will start to make the news more and more, for it will be such a time of despair and upheaval that many will need good news, and the good news will come aplenty, especially as one starts to recognize that there are greater forces out in 2012 than one had ever expected. The contentment with old-time religion will remain very strong in the United States of America as many seek God to help them through the time of crisis. But many will have a crisis of faith, and many will see that believing in God has not truly helped them deal with the situations that are befalling them, and many may indeed become very angry at the beliefs and the faith that they had held and start to seek the new beliefs that are ready to open up.


These new beliefs, of course, are those beliefs this Awareness has so long talked about: the belief in Spirit and one's own spiritual being, the essence of their being, their connection to Spirit and to God, and the miraculous events will not only be collective miraculous events, but personal miracles that more and more people will begin to discover. Thus it is that many will start to turn away from television and media and watching the news and believing the lies. Many will start to search out those who have greater comprehension and awareness, those spiritual teachers, those ones who have been the lunatic fringe for so long. These will be those who are sought out, those who were considered the crazy ones, those who were not paid attention to, and were called conspiracy nuts or simply crazy. Many who have experienced craziness in their spiritual pursuits will start to become the sane ones.

At this time it could be considered that the planet is like an insane asylum, and what is considered normality is actually the craziness, the madness, and those who are in charge of the insane asylum are the maddest of all. Many will start to see this as fundamental to understanding the reality of the planet that they have lived on so long, a planet that is changing before their very eyes, and 2012 will bring to many a realization that they have been living under madness for many, many eons and that it is time to change and to shift.

The events that unfold, that bring new beliefs and understandings, that show new possibilities, are such that they will be strong enough to effect change of beliefs in many around the world. Unfortunately, the United States of America has some of the strongest and most entrenched beliefs of a traditional nature, and therefore many will fight against the new thoughts, the new understandings, the new paradigms that are introducing themselves; insisting on holding to the old time religion as the way forward. This is simply the way it needs to be for those who are not ready to ascend, and who are not ready to change. But there will be seen to be much friction between those who hold traditional religious values, Christian and others, to those who are seeking new spiritual awareness and understanding. Therefore, 2012 may indeed be a year of conflict between those who hold the old patterns of religious belief and those who seek new ways.

First Contact in Latter Months of 2012

It is also seen that the extraterrestrial beings that have been participating in mankind's journey will finally make themselves seen and known. First Contact is a strong event, especially in the latter months of 2012 towards the period of Ascension. There are the Galactic Federation forces that are already in place around the planet and it is also seen the planet Nibiru coming closer to the Earth at the same time. The planet Nibiru is the ship of the Anunnaki, of those who are in power at this time, and it is seen that there will be a final confrontation between the Galactic Federation and the Orion/Reptilian factions. It is seen that the Orion/Reptilians are trying very to convince humanity that those aliens they have been showing on the television and in the movies, those who are the Galactic Federation, are the evil ones, those who are here to corrupt and destroy the planet, and will try very to convince the masses that those beings who are coming, who have shown them-selves in First Contact, are not to be trusted.

Of course the Orion/Reptilian faction will keep themselves hidden. It will be as if they are prodding humanity to battle the Galactic Federation troops and beings that come to help in the times of upheaval, to fight these ones who are here to help, saying they are the evil ones, while they are hiding under the bed and quivering in fear. Many of their plans to retreat to their underground shelters have collapsed in the last several months, and therefore their plan to be in safety underground while major events occurred on the surface are put off track now, and 2012 will be a hard year of reckoning for many who are in power, many who advocate violence and upheaval and destruction and who would propel humanity into a battle with the Galactic Federation.


It is seen their efforts will fail miserably, for the Galactic Federation beings are not those who are here to destroy humanity, but to lead humanity to salvation and this is seen as an event that will begin to unfold after First Contact in the latter part of summer of 2012 into the fall of 2012, approximately four months before the events of the Ascension are to occur. This too will bring many to question the old ways, their old lives, those beliefs and attitudes they had, their understanding of government and those in power and the economics of a materialistic way of life – all will be questioned, and all will go into upheaval. Therefore, 2012 will be the year of upheaval as many, many things change before the eyes of those who have been asleep and are suddenly awoken, before the eyes of those who have been seeking but have not found, and before the eyes of those who have known for a time that this is coming. Even they will finally see that the changes they have so long prayed for and look towards will indeed finally take place. At this time this Awareness asks the energizer if there were other areas that she would wish this Awareness to speak to?

Governments Like Dominoes in a Line Being Toppled

QUESTIONER: Yes indeed. The US was mentioned. There was no reference really to Australia or New Zealand, or North Korea. Although China was mentioned, the Asian countries, Canada, the European Union, such as England were not. Are there any comments on any of those or will they just fall in line with the US?

COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not that they fall in line with the US, but this Awareness did start by saying all nations would be affected, and there would be upheaval in all nations, for the collapse of the US and its political economic systems will be like the first domino that leads to a chain reaction event of all the dominoes in the line being toppled. Therefore, all nations will see their governments collapse to one degree or another. Those this Awareness has called the Third World Nations may not seem to suffer as much, for they have so little to lose, but those westernized nations, such as Canada, Australia, and the European nations will experience a much greater collapse and the economic materialistic realities that are so favored at this time will simply cease to be.

It is not that economies will cease to be – local economies will start to flourish. There will be no choice but it will be a rough ride in 2012 before local economies fully understand and appreciate what has happened and why there is a need to band together in a way that will assist all to survive. Countries, ironically, such as Greece and Italy and other European nations which already have local markets and a local black market operation in many of those countries where goods and services are already exchanged under the table, will simply revert more to this form of governance than worrying about the national government and whether or not the nation is bankrupt or whether or not it has a responsibility to pay debt.

It is to be remembered that the occurrence of debt, the creation of debt, is one of the greatest ways that the Orion/Reptilians have enslaved humanity, creating the concept of personal debt so that many who are hard-working citizens feel duty bound to pay off their personal debt, whereas the nations themselves ignore such a tactic, and do not pay off their debt, and thus are trillions of dollars in debt. 2012 will see an addressing of this matter and those who are the hard-working individuals who have lived good lives will find that they simply need to look to other ways and perform in other ways to make things happen in their lives, and the way of doing this, as this Awareness said, is to start focusing on the local economy, on doing things for others, exchanging goods and services with others, bartering with others.


Many became aware that this was the only way to survive in the 1930s – doctors often performing their services not for cash money but for a chicken that could be roasted for the family meal. This may indeed be the case in 2012 when the economies collapse and those who have not shifted themselves into another time track where such events simply did not occur experienced the worst case scenarios, and this is a global event, not simply the events of the United States before all else. The United States of America may be the kingpin, the domino that first falls and falls the greatest, but it is not the only nation in the world that will experience decline and upheaval.


QUESTIONER: Thank you. You had mentioned time tracks, which is similar to timelines, so would this suggest then that not all timelines will experience this, that there will be some that do not experience this?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This indeed is exactly what this Awareness was trying to state at the beginning of Its opening message. Many may not experience at all any of the events this Awareness has described, especially the more negative fear-inducing events, for if they have been successful in creating a timeline or time track where they are unaffected, it will be such a smooth procedure that it will be hard to see where this occurred, and how this occurred, it will simply be their reality experience and, of course, this Awareness has advocated believing in the most positive way that all will be well, that one is a being of Light and of Spirit, and that being such they create their realities as creator beings that will not experience such extreme events. What this Awareness is trying to do is to give the broadest picture available to the masses and how they may experience the unfolding of events, not how those who have managed to step into an alternate time track, or timeline will experience it.

It Comes Down to the Law of Thought

QUESTIONER: So it comes down to the Law of Thought again — whatever you energize that's what will be, is that correct?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is correct. The pause was because it is also true that whatever you emotionally energize will be so. Therefore, it is not simply the Law of Thought but also the emotional energies that are held. The Powers That Be have long known this. It is why they have manipulated human consciousness towards fear and panic, and it is why they continually reinforce this so that the emotions felt by the majority are those emotions where fear and panic upend those who have succumbed to them. It is why this Awareness states continuously: one must be vigilant of the panic and fear that the events of their lives and the events of their surroundings may cause them.

It is so easy to go into this fear, especially around economic situations where it appears one will be destitute, one will lose everything, and one will not be able to survive. But this is a lie, for the lie was created by those in power that it is money and economic stability that ensures survival, not one's spiritual inclination or understanding, not one's connection to Spirit or to their true multidimensional being, their true being as creators of their realities. Thus they are asleep and they are controlled, thus it is that fear and hopelessness and negativity are the order of the day and they see their lives as such.


The thoughts and feelings thus create their reality and even though this Awareness does say this clearly and directly, still it is seen that many will succumb to such fears and panic and experience a very chaotic transition.

More on the Medical Mafia

QUESTIONER: Thank you for that. Are there going to be some medical discoveries this coming year?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There are already medical discoveries occurring, but those who are part of the Medical Mafia, as it is often described, those who are part of the planned Rockefeller-Rothschild type creation of the medical industry, may find that their answers are not acceptable to many who are seeking alternative cures, and the costs become more and more prohibitive. Thus it is that many are denied medical treatment, especially in the richest nation of all, where many who are not adequately prosperous do not have the privilege of decent healthcare. Thus, even though there may be medical discoveries in the traditional allopathic medical systems, these discoveries may still be beyond the means of many. This is one of the things that 2012 will also start to collapse.

Indeed, 2012 will be a year of collapse on many levels – the social, economic, political levels, the medical levels, beliefs of religious nature – many things will be challenged, many things will collapse. The medical system will see advancements in medicine outside the parameters of allopathic medicine and many who afford allopathic medical treatment will go to alternative methods, for they are at least affordable, and as more become aware of the power of alternative treatment many will see that this truly is the superior way towards healing, but again 2012 will be a year of upheaval and this includes beliefs in the medical way of things. Many simply leave the medical system as it now stands, believing that what doctors say and how medicine is practiced, is the only way. Thus, 2012 is not the year where it will be completely replaced, it is simply the year of collapse, where many things will no longer be seen to work and many will start to ask questions and new approaches will be sought.

Sports and Entertainment in 2012?

QUESTIONER: Very good. As a sideline to every-thing else that is going on, will there still be entertainment in the sense of sports events or television, movies, the symphony, the opera, that type of thing, will it still carry on?

COSMIC AWARENESS: In some areas it will still carry on. In others where natural disasters have happened, where stadiums and arenas are no longer available, where theaters are collapsed, where local news stations, television stations are destroyed, there will not be entertainment. It is hard for many to conceive the degree of change that is coming, the collapse that is coming. What has always been traditional for so many and what is expected to be there from day to day will simply not be there any longer. Thus, those who support their local team and expect in 2012 that they may come back and win the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, may find that their teams do not exist by the end of the season when events are so catastrophic and the collapse so extreme.

The system of travel in the world that is available now will also be restrained and constrained. It is seen, for example, international travel being greatly curtailed because of many factors, even


factors of safety and availability of aircraft. Thus it will become harder to travel to other lands, even within one's own country. The petrochemical industry will also be affected and gasoline may not be as available in 2012. A similar situation was experienced during the oil crisis of '72-'73.

Martial Law in 2012?

There is also seen a radical response in America where martial law is declared in 2012 and the borders to Canada and Mexico are closed and access into the country severely restricted. This state of martial law will be in order to "deal with the situation", but it will truly be the Power Elite's way of gaining full and total control.

Martial law may also be introduced in other countries as well: Canada, Great Britain, the European nations, China, Australia – all the greater nations of the world may need to go into states of martial law, for the collapse will be so extreme for many in those areas that there is no choice but to try to control through martial law, try to bring the powers into effect that have so long been planned for, the entire and complete enslavement of humanity.

This too is an agenda of 2012 by the Powers That Be, but this Awareness wishes to say that due to all other events occurring at the same time, the plan for complete enslavement of mankind will not occur in 2012. It may be that many move this forward in their timelines and time tracks to the Planet B scenario, where those elitist actions of martial law for the purpose of taking complete control may be continued and indeed successfully carried out.

Food and Crops in 2012

A Manufactured Crisis in the World's Food Supply

QUESTIONER: I understand. How about foodstuffs- with Monsanto developing seeds of not reproducing themselves, is food going to be a factor?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Food will be a factor because of the weather warfare that is taking place and the natural weather patterns that will be very destructive. It is seen that the big plan is to control the food production around the planet. Monsanto is but a part of that scenario, the creation of genetic seeds that need to be replaced through Monsanto year after year is but a part of the process of controlling the world's production of food. What is seen to be a more serious event is the weather around the world where food is produced. In areas where food is produced, flooding and droughts and other natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornadoes may well reduce food supplies. This is and always has been part of the plans of the Elite to create a crisis in the world food supply.

Many areas where food could be grown have been replaced by crops that are not able to nurture people, such as coffee, tobacco and other crops that have no nutritional merit or value are not food crops. It is also one way that the world's food supplies have been attacked over the many years, as many farmers in nations where there is a subsistence level are being forced to grow crops such as coffee or cocoa or tobacco instead of food crops for their own people. Thus, when the plug is pulled, so to speak, the peoples of those countries will be in dire situations, for where they once grew crops for the feeding of the people now they have tobacco or coffee beans. But this will change as the local economies reinsert themselves and do what is right and needed to feed the local populace.

It is also seen that this is a scenario that could go into Planet B, where food becomes critical to the extreme and many die because of starvation. The events seen in Africa over the last few


months will become worldwide in the times after 2012 in the Planet B scenario. But those who have focused in different ways, and who choose to experience a different reality need not have this as their experience, and thus it is seen that while 2012 may be challenging and food prices may go up in the local grocery store, that generally speaking things will still be available. Crops from southern regions may not be available. The people in Canada, for example, may not receive their tomatoes or their oranges from Florida or California, but this will not be so serious that they are starving. They simply will not be able to have their orange juice in the morning.

Upheaval and Catastrophic Earth Changes

QUESTIONER: I see. How about electricity and the water, that type of thing?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Again, upheaval is seen around the world due to the crashing economics and the catastrophic Earth Changes in some regions. But it is seen that the reliance on geophysical energy sources such as oil will decline in 2012, and the good news is that there will start to be a movement for sustainable energy and this will move forward with time. But again, upheaval is the key for 2012, so there may indeed be more energy blackouts and even the loss of energies altogether – the availability of electricity, for example, the availability of oil and gas to power one's vehicles or run motors. These events could become very common in 2012, especially during the summer of 2012.

Here's a Novel Idea: Get Together With Other People!

QUESTIONER: And the following winter then of 2012, for those in northern colder climates will find they need a couple of extra blankets, is that true?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Indeed, or perhaps they come together with others who have fireplaces, so that if they did lose the availability of electricity or natural gas they could cook over the open fire. It is to be remembered the pioneer spirit will be rekindled and many who had become used to electricity, to natural gas, and to propane, may have to do without it. But there are other ways to cook, just as there are other ways to heat a space in the house. It may be that the whole house is no longer heated and only the fireplace is the primary source of heat for those cold weather months, but it will help them survive and get through. Of course, again this Awareness wishes to reiterate: these are scenarios of possibilities, these forecasts that this Awareness is making do not stand as unavoidable or that they must be so. It is simply this Awareness is speaking of possibilities at this time for some who wish to have these adventures.

QUESTIONER: Yes, this is understood. It's good to be aware of the lay of the land, of possibilities, and then people can choose what they want to experience.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is true. What this Awareness would also say is it must be remembered that the event of Ascension December 21, 2012 will mark the shift forward one way or another; forward for those who hold that the possibility exists that Ascension and the shift of the planet will bring a new dawn, a new way of belief and thought and perceptions of reality; also, a new way for those who do not believe it, and who need to have the ultimate experience of physicality without spiritual involvement. It is not a new way that is a particularly brilliant way but it is a level of life


experience, and as Spirit always enters into physicality to have experiences good or bad, either Planet A or Planet B will offer new ways to have experiences.


QUESTIONER: Indeed. Is there any additional, or any topic I haven't covered that might be relevant?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The one thing this Awareness would add is that in the times ahead, despite what difficulties there are, faith is imperative; the faith and trust that things will shift, and will change. For those who are capable, it is suggested that they focus only on the highest energies that they can focus on, that they focus on Light and Love as the way forward, for Light and Love will lead one first and foremost into situations that are lighter, where love is available to help sustain and guide individuals through upsetting times and periods of experiences that 2012 will bring. The experiences that are available in 2012 are experiences of transition, of the ending of things, but the focus must not remain on the death of this planet or of civilization or of the family or of one's nation, but rather there should be an understanding that this is but a time of transition and change and upheaval, away from the insane asylum that has controlled the thinking on the planet for so long to a new place of belief, a new level of awareness and consciousness, one that is in alignment with one's spiritual truth and the truth that is God Almighty, that which is the Force of the Everything and the All.

God will not abandon the many that believe in the force that is the Godhead, or God Almighty. It will not abandon those who do not believe in It, as It is still available to all, even if all do not choose to believe in that which is the Divine Energy of God Almighty. This will be not only a year of challenge and upheaval, but also a year of faith and a year of miracles as this Awareness has already said, especially as one truly begins to live the knowing of who and what they are in the Light of Spirit and the Light that is God. Further to this, God is not an intellectual concept; It is not a deity sitting on a throne wearing a crown. It is a real force that inhabits all – every cell, every atom, every organ, every being, every stone, tree, plant – all is infused with the spark of God and so it is with mankind itself.

As creator beings, the spark of the Divine very much blazes within them, and it is a necessity now to truly begin to live this truth, this knowing. 2012 will be the year of discovery of this most fundamental truth: that all are aspects of the Divine, all are here to have an experience, all have chosen to be here in a time of upheaval and chaos, to move forward, either to experience Ascension and to move into Planet A Ascension Consciousness or to have an experience of Planet B consciousness. It is still an experience; it is still part of the dream of God for all that are part of it, and that are having this experience. As more and more begin to understand this critical truth they will remove themselves from the hardships of physicality that they are experiencing, they will remove themselves from the lies they have lived their lives by, lies that are considered the norm, lies that are considered the way it is.

It is only the way it is because of the acceptance of the lies one lives by, and 2012 will start to put a light on the lies of existence that so many hold as irrefutable. They will no longer be irrefutable and as such the lies will be dropped and the truth that lies beyond the lies will be discovered. It is indeed also to be a year of glorious opportunity to discover the truth of what truly is, to discover the Light and the Love of that which is Divine, Spirit, that which is God Almighty.

Affirmations for a New Age


QUESTIONER: Indeed. Is there any additional or would you like to do a closing message or shall I say the Law of Gratitude?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness has previously given an affirmation that It has recommended that members use to help them through the dark times. That affirmation is: "I am the Light, the Light I am". This Awareness continues to recommend the use of this affirmation, especially in times of darkness and uncertainty, but this Awareness now also introduces a new affirmation for 2012 that can be used in conjunction with the Light affirmation. This affirmation is similar in nature: "I am Love, Love I am". These two affirmations together will first and foremost help to dispel the darkness of those lies that many believe in, but will also begin to introduce in the affirmation "I am Love, Love I am"; the love of the Divine and the rediscovering within oneself of the love for oneself for the Divine, for life itself, life illuminated and glorious, life with promise and hope.

This Awareness recommends these two affirmations be used during times of doubt and crisis, to be used at times where hope is failing or the fear is growing. These affirmations will help many to get in touch with the truth within and they will begin to be able to transcend the lies around them and move towards Ascension and reunion with the God within, the God without.

QUESTIONER: That's beautiful, thank you.

COSMIC AWARENESS: That this completes this Awareness' forecast for 2012, but that this Awareness will continue to update throughout the year when events warrant updates. This Awareness is also open to questions that may be presented to It regarding 2012; questions individuals might have as to possibilities that exist for 2012.

QUESTIONER: Very good, thank you. That was excellent. The members will be pleased.

CAC General Reading- December 3, 2011

Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Joan Mills, questioner and energizer,


QUESTIONER: Does Awareness have an opening message please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does have an opening message, and a new theme to present to the membership for their consideration at this time. This theme has much to do with these final stages of preparation towards the event known as Ascension. These are, as this Awareness has spoken previously, the End Times. They are a time out of sync with what went before and what is to come, a time of null energies, a void in time. The Mayan calendar, of course, being that record keeper of time and the passage of time over an extended period that has finally come to completion and conclusion and marks these times as the times between the worlds. The Mayans did not believe that the end would mean the destruction of the planet, but it would simply be the ending of what was the way of things, the civilizations that were coming to an end so that those to come could indeed occur.


This time period, these end times, are the perfect times to do work on one's self and one's spiritual nature. Thus, this Awareness has information at this time that will assist those who are serious about achieving their highest potential, and clearing the decks of all debris and encumbrances that would prevent them from reaching those highest levels of Ascension possible to them. This Awareness will now proceed with the new theme. This is the theme of dealing with the lies that all live their lives by, the Big Lies that have been perpetrated on humanity since the dawn of time, and that have constituted the framework of the collective expectations and beliefs that have been passed from generation to generation, from family to family, from parents to child, society to its citizens, and from civilization to the masses.

The lies are those lies that most people assume are the truths of life and are what makes life what it is. This concept, this theme, is one that may cause perplexity and uncertainty for many as they begin to question the lies of their lives, the assumptions they have lived their lives with and built their lives on. For that which this Awareness is about to present is nothing less than the radical review of all those beliefs and concepts one has held dearly in their lives, to ascertain whether or not they are indeed lies of corruption and misdirection, lies that have been perpetrated by the Powers That Be to shepherd the citizens of this third dimensional reality into confined spaces of belief.

Many of these big dark lies are the very stuff of life that individuals have accepted as the workings of their lives, the foundations of their lives, what makes life what it is, and what gives value to life. For example, many believe that hard work, diligence, saving for the rainy day, saving for retirement, doing without, making sacrifices, being at the effect of not having money because of a lack of hard work; are values that are important in life. Many ordinary and normal individuals have been taught that one must work for a living, must make sacrifices, must for example, work hard during the week, getting up early at times often incongruent to one's own bio-rhythms, one's own way of things, going in to work for individuals where there is no affinity, often no affinity even for the work itself, simply because their belief is one must work for a living and work hard for a living, and put one's nose to the grindstone for a living.

Working Class Ethics Control Most People's Lives

This working ethics, this blue-collar mentality, has been passed from generation to generation, never questioned, never reviewed, and never challenged. Thus, many live such a life feeling that they are living what is the norm, what is traditional, what everyone else lives, and what is normal. But in truth this type of mentality and these ideals, while they define a category of experience, and while they define a mindset held by a group that is in the majority, often do not constitute truth. They simply constitute a belief in how to live one's life, what the values of life are about, what should be sustained and passed on to one's children so that they too can work hard, and have the money needed to be able to buy the things in a materialistic culture that one deems as essential and important for one's life and welfare. This includes everything from a home, a house, a roof over one's head, to the automobiles one purchases, to the goods that one puts into the house, and the material objects that one furnishes the house they have bought.

The working to create savings, the working to put the children through college, the working to have security and well-being, all based on the belief that to work hard in a prescribed manner within the context of the socially accepted paradigms of belief of the culture, is what is the truth. But again, it is not the truth at all. It is simply the belief that this is the way of things. It is a lie, a lie perpetuated by those in power who do not wish the citizens to find out that the lie keeps them enslaved in a way of life that all deem is normal and right and correct. Those who do not believe it start to fall out of such a normal structure of society. These ones become deviants, these ones become the dropouts, these ones become those who defy the normal beliefs of society as to what


merits those who have value in a society, and what does not mark one as being of value to a society, what marks one as being deviant.

Those who subscribe to the beliefs that to hold societal standards is the way forward, will fight hard to maintain those beliefs, will even fight wars to support their way of life, even going abroad and fighting wars in other countries – all under the banner of protecting their way of life, protecting their democracies. It is not even seen by those who follow the calling of the ones who mislead that hosting wars on foreign lands is itself a lie, a misdirection of the highest and the best of Spirit. They do their patriotic duty, living a lie, not questioning it, not reviewing it, not challenging it – all for the sake of being normal, all for the sake of living under the banner of thoughts and concepts and beliefs that mark normality.

The lie this Awareness is presenting and the lies that this Awareness is suggesting one start reviewing and challenging are of course never considered to be lies by those who hold them to be truths. But as these are the End Times, as individuals are being challenged now to review those elements of their lives that still keep them bound to third dimensionality, that keep them bound to the darkness, to those who have control, it is time to review even the standards of one's life and to truly begin to ask questions.

Many of Societies' Standards are in fact Lies

Meant to Enslave the Masses

Are these standards really the truth or are they concepts and beliefs handed down from generation to generation to ensure civilization looks a certain way, so a culture may follow certain practices and norms, keeping entities within certain confines, parameters and boundaries that define normality, and define the way that most live? As one begins to question these beliefs, these lies, one may start to understand that they are not fundamental truths that are irrefutable.

If one begins to truly see them for what they are, they will see that their unquestioning devotion to such cultural beliefs and lies keep them enslaved. It is a difficult matter, for as one questions one understands that to break free one must break out of those parameters. And yet if one were to say, "I will quit my job tomorrow, go without income and deny my family revenue to survive on" most could not do this and it would be a challenge that they could not meet. Therefore, this Awareness is not at this time telling individuals to step out of their jobs or those cultural circumstances they exist within, and that allow them to exist within their societies, and their cultures.

What this Awareness is asking now, and what the Divine Spirit is asking now, is that one begins to question these practices, these behaviors, these beliefs, these patterns – so that when things do start to release, when upheaval occurs, when those jobs that one once relied on disappear, when society fractures and falls apart, one is not in the same state of crisis one would be had they never questioned the lies they have lived their lives by. One would be able to then move more cleanly into the understanding and truth that one is a creator being, one is Spirit, one is the Light of God Itself having a physical experience. What defines the physical experience, of course, is the beliefs one has as to what the experience is all about, and should be about.

When things change all around and one is rigid in the structure of one's life, that rigidity will shake the structure of their lives apart, and like a rigid structure in an earthquake it will not survive, it will collapse. The life will collapse, and there will be chaos supreme. If one has started to question and see that they have simply been living by certain rules that have governed the expectations around life and physical experience, when one is able to loosen up and be flexible, and when the earthquake of chaos befalls that is underway and will intensify, the structure of


one's life does not completely collapse. It changes, and it goes with the flow of the new beliefs that are asserting themselves, the new structures that can indeed rise up from the old.

Releasing Beliefs That Do Not Work

As one truly starts to look at their lives and questions the tenets of faith they have held, the beliefs they have lived by, one will begin to release those that simply do not work. This means that some will make changes, for they will truly see that they have been trapped in a belief structure that has imprisoned them. And for those who find it within their means to do so, the changes they make will lead them towards their own enlightenment and their own freedom. The liberty found in living a life that is guided, not by the lies of society, but by the truth of the Divine, the truth of God Almighty, is a freedom beyond comparison, even beyond understanding for those who hold to the old ways, the old lies, and the old beliefs.

To a Creator Being That Can Manifest What is Needed, There is No Need for Money!

For many it is absolutely incomprehensible how one could live a life without having money, without earning an income to buy the things, to have the things, to do the things that money . But if one is truly in line with the spiritual truth that as a creator being, as a spark of the Divine, one does not need money to survive, one survives because one creates and manifests what is needed, then it would be understood and recognized that there is no need for money, there is no need for financial institutes and economies that enslave, that individuals can create and manifest their needs, and in cooperation with others, the needs of a society and its peoples.

These beliefs that are foundation stones of belief in the new reality that is unfolding, that will be part of the higher awareness and understanding, are still concepts and beliefs far exceeding what is held by the majority at this time. Therefore, if one starts in their personal life to question the lies they have lived their lives on and not berate them, not vent and rail at them, but just see them as what helped them exist in the physical experience they had chosen for themselves as spiritual beings, and that it is possible to start to change these beliefs, start to live in other ways, then one will start to shift in consciousness and this will lead to their going into that timeline of experience at higher and higher levels of Ascension that will lead them to the higher entry points into ascended consciousness.

The Critical Time Slot Between the Ending of the Old and the Beginning of the New

That is why at this time, during this critical time slot between the ending of the old and the beginning of the new, this Awareness is bringing this information forth at this time. This Awareness understands that what It is speaking of may challenge many. It is the intent of this Awareness to challenge those who are truly seeking Ascension. It is also imperative that all understand that Ascension does not come to those who simply think it is a way to escape a bad scene, a bad life. This Awareness would ask all to understand Ascension is earned, earned not only by believing one will have Ascension because they are Light beings and they deserve it but because as Light beings they work towards the higher greater understanding of consciousness and the enlightenment of consciousness.

Those who think simply because they are in bad situations in life and they wish to remove themselves by this and have snafued Ascension as the way to do it may be quite surprised when they do not ascend when they think they should ascend. This in actuality is more indicative of a


being, a soul, on this physical journey in this physical state of things knowing a limited truth but not understanding the wholeness of that truth. Those who know of Ascension will have an Ascension experience, but if they are unwilling to work for their highest level of that experience of Ascension they may have far less than what they thought they would have or even what they should have.

Recently there were those who complained that Cosmic Awareness had misled them because they did not ascend when they should have, when they suggested Awareness said they would. But this Awareness is not the gatekeeper for Ascension, and It can only speak to those who are considering Ascension, who are aware of Ascension. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to work towards Ascension in a way that is meaningful and obvious, obvious in the sense that just speaking the words and demanding one ascend because one insists one is a Light Worker is not the way that one reaches the highest levels of Ascension.

Many Will Ascend Who Have Never Even Heard of Ascension!

There are many who will ascend who have never even heard of Ascension, for they are spiritual beings living spiritual lives, sharing with others, living those lives of Spirit in a way that is obvious and will be rewarded with Ascension. There are others who think that because they are a Light Worker by their own claim that it is an exclusive club, and like many religions who believe they are the chosen ones, that by simply being part of this exclusive club that they will also ascend. A level of Ascension may be realized by those who are aware of Ascension, but it will not be at the levels that those who think they must have it, will have it, should have it, and will indeed reach because of these expectations.

Therefore, at this time, in line with what this Awareness spoke of in Its opening message, this Awareness does indeed challenge each and every individual who is contemplating Ascension, who is seeking Ascension, who is drawn to Ascension, to look at their own lives to see where in their lives they are living a spiritual truth and showing it to others, being models to others of that spiritual life, to see their lives as the physical experiences that they chose for themselves and to stop bemoaning a life where there is hardship, difficulties, and life is not pretty.

It is all part of the physical experience one has chosen for oneself while still in a spiritual state of consciousness. While many lives are difficult and challenging, the Ascension process will look at this, understanding that these physical experiences are the stuff of their learning that they will take back with them to the soul and indeed back to God. When they start to understand that even their hard luck stories are part of their choice to have this physical experience, and that seeking to understand the nature of the physical experiences they have had and to deal with it, to understand the merit of these experiences will do much to prepare the individual for higher entry levels into Ascension.

A Willingness to Live a Spiritual Life is Essential to Ascension

Simply insisting one will ascend at high levels while one does nothing to merit this, shows no spiritual willingness to live a life of a spiritual nature, and does not guarantee Ascension. Many who think they must and will ascend because they have labeled themselves as spiritually enlightened beings may be very disappointed when they do not ascend on a certain day they targeted for themselves, and in their lack of understanding they blame others for this not occurring, such as those who recently blamed Awareness that they did not ascend on the day they


chose as the day to ascend.

This Awareness would simply say: use that experience, look now deeper and ask the questions of why you were not ready, why this did not happen. And as individuals ask themselves these questions, or as individuals ask the questions that they need to in order to free themselves of the lies in their lives that keep them earthbound at this time, they will find their lives opening up, and they will find clarity coming to them, and they will find understanding replacing confusion and resentment, and this will propel them forward in their journey towards Ascension, and to ascend at higher levels much more so than if one simply thought they must ascend at this or that level. Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is. It makes a lot of sense, thank you.

COSMIC AWARENESS: There is much about Ascension that must be truly understood and comprehended now in this last phase before the completion of the Ascension process. The naï ve belief that simply stating one will ascend, while again moving one towards Ascension on a lower level is not the guarantee that they will ascend at the heightened levels that they think they should ascend at. There is still more information on this subject and this Awareness, as always, is willing to answer further questions on this matter.


Developing Multidimensional Abilities

QUESTIONER: There is a topic on Ascension on the forum presently. It's an ongoing commentary concerning Ascension. May I offer some of his commentary for your consideration and response regarding its validity or otherwise? The author calls himself Anarchistbanjo. Are you familiar with the commentary or shall I just read the excerpts?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Please proceed.

QUESTIONER: He refers to, "Scanning the universe astrally as usual to see what would happen during the day and use my own multidimensional abilities to smooth any rough spots. This has been a constant practice for a few years now and greatly enhances the quality of my day, of my workday. This is something those with multidimensional abilities will do routinely." Is there any comment on that please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This individual is indeed expanding his conscious awareness beyond that constrained conscious point or focus point of consciousness that defines most in this third dimensional physical existence. Most stay in that point of focus, only interpreting their lives in a third dimensional physical way. Thus, all that comes into their life is interpreted in physicality and in a physical way of looking at things.

The challenge, again as this Awareness has stated before, is to expand one's consciousness and one's awareness to move beyond the constraints of physicality that defines reality, to accept that one is part of a multidimensional nature, and as one uses the imagination to free oneself from the constraints of their physical parameters of existence, one can indeed move into those areas described by this individual. One can indeed smooth out the rough areas and as a result, in their timeline of experience, those areas that could have been potential hardships or negative challenges can indeed be sidestepped, for one has used their ability to function at a multidimensional level to survey what is there, and to deal with it so that it is not part of one's experience in a timeline.

This, for example, could be used by those who have sufficient ability to do so, to foresee the types of challenges that are coming in this year of upheaval and see themselves, rather than being at a


deep and powerful effect of those events, being able to sidestep them, to slipstream them and go right past them so that they are not involved in a personal way, even though those events may still unfold in that reality of experience they are part of. They are not personally affected by those events; there can be upheaval in the stock market, the economic markets can collapse, there can be geophysical events that occur – but the individual will stay in that place of neutrality, of balance, of control, and not necessarily be bothered by or affected by the outside events. This is indeed an ultimate way to smooth out the rough spots in one's own personal timeline and move one forward in the pursuit of one's life experience towards Ascension.


QUESTIONER: Thank you. Anarchistbanjo continues, "To my surprise the astral was completely collapsed and totally blocked as if with clouds. It was not working right. Now this morning, Thanksgiving Day, the clouds have cleared and the New Earth emerges. It seems that Gaia has finally ascended, bringing her entire ecosystem with her. This marvelous achievement required the creation of a new holographic third dimensional model under new rules, in effect creating something within the universe that had not existed before: a crystalline light-powered third dimension." Comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness applauds Anarchistbanjo in his clear seeing of this event. This Awareness has always maintained that the Ascension date of December 21, 2012 will mark the completion, the ending of the Ascension process, and that it is not the beginning point. There may be some straggling beyond that date, where others who are latecomers hurry and scurry to make the transitional jump before the gap becomes too great and they cannot come to this new crystalline structure of New Gaia. Preceding that, as this individual has observed, is the event of the creation of a new form of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, New Gaia, and now that this is in place those who wish to ascend at this time before the completion event of December 21, 2012 can do so in a much easier way than before when it was still in the process of materializing this form.

This process has been underway for many years already, but has been at the more subtle levels of energy construction into a physical form, and therefore not easily seen or perceived by the majority. The event this individual is describing is seen by this Awareness as a valid experience or event in the Ascension process. It was always deemed that the Gaia consciousness would first of all create the new form for her being, and with this creation now complete, although at a different vibrational frequency, many can now truly begin their Ascension experience in a much easier manner. Again, this Awareness confirms the validity of Anarchistbanjo's comments and applauds him for his clear seeing of this event.

A Line of Demarcation the Dark Energies Cannot Cross Over

QUESTIONER: Thank you. There are just a couple more paragraphs. He writes, "There is a boundary or line of demarcation halfway between the moon and the earth which most Space Brothers can no longer cross. There are only a few that Gaia trusts enough to allow passage. This has been a life-and-death struggle for her and most Space Brothers did not understand her requirements."


COSMIC AWARENESS: This is an observation of this individual that again has validity. This line of demarcation is one where New Gaia will no longer allow the dark energies to cross over the line of demarcation. Previously, on what this Awareness calls Planet A/B, the present planet in existence, she could not prevent those dark forms and forces of consciousness to invade her surface, for it was a dualistic experiment of light and the dark. Thus, the dark energies and the dark ones had their right to be on this planet. They too are part of the dualistic experiment and served God well in this experiment of light and dark.

With the Ascension of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, that which is of the dark energy is no longer permitted on that which this Awareness calls the Planet A consciousness, New Gaia. As a result this line of demarcation that has been set up is indeed a true line that will be completely enforced once the experience is completed, this being the Ascension date of December 21, 2012. At this time it is not totally in effect quite yet, although there is now already a serious limitation of any dark energies trying to penetrate into the energies of the New Gaia, the New Earth, and the boundaries that still are accessible to Planet A/B are still open.

Multidimensionality Supersedes Physicality

QUESTIONER: Thank you. It carries on, "Upon Earth, living in physical bodies, are those who have ascended with her. Those of original earth physicality will benefit the most since they have been with her the longest and this is her Ascension."

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness sees this as being a valid statement once again because it does indeed deal with multidimensionality, which supersedes physicality. Thus, those who are unseen but have been part of Mother Gaia's journey are indeed more available now, even if they are still seen in ways not seen, if they are still invisible. These beings will be more visible with the completion of the experiment of duality, of the experience of the light and dark. This completes this answer.


QUESTIONER: Thank you. There is just a little bit more. "Star seeds, Wanderers, space brothers and all other Light Workers in physicality will benefit as well, but in a more limited way. They do not yet contain the full DNA sequence that she used for her Ascension process and this was an organic Ascension happening through DNA activation."

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would say this is not completely the case, although there are aspects that are indeed valid. There are those who have completed their transformational experience whose DNA patterns have indeed shifted and changed, and who are indeed part of the New Gaia, but many are still working on this. This is a different understanding to what this Awareness presented a short while ago in Its opening message, where It challenged individuals now to start to look at their beliefs and philosophies, their patterns and their ways of thinking.

Those dark lies that those in control and power have placed on the structure of physicality, that have so long defined physicality, could also be understood as the old patterns of genetic understanding and beliefs, of shut-down DNA codes. Of the 12 strands of DNA that were available, only two were active on the planet of duality, and the DNA codes are opening up as Mother Earth, New Gaia, completes her transition and makes herself available to those who in questioning the beliefs, in freeing themselves of the chains and manacles of oppression and suppression, begin to


move towards the Ascension, to the New Gaia, to the heightened levels of consciousness, where they can indeed live from those high fifth dimensional levels of consciousness on the new crystalline form of Mother Gaia.

Questioning what has so for long been held as so is also breaking up the old rigid structures that this Awareness spoke of. Imagine now those rigid structures as DNA that were entrapped in the manipulation of consciousness by those whose purpose it was to enslave human consciousness. As one questions, as one opens oneself up, as one accepts their Light, their divinity, their spiritual being, that they also are accepting their multidimensionality. This in turn helps them further break down the structure, introduce new strands and avails them to the New Mother Earth, the New Mother Gaia that will be the new home for those who have prepared themselves, and those who are preparing themselves.

Death and Ascension

QUESTIONER: Thank you. There was a remark by Sol also on the same forum. She writes, "Thank you Anarchistbanjo. Finally some talk about Ascension that makes sense! There is a growing realization that people are not going to ascend off of the New Earth and will only be released through death of the physical body." Is that correct?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The death of the physical body has always been a form of Ascension. This Awareness has spoken of this many times in the past, and many who are not prepared at this time to challenge the beliefs, to move the genetic energies, and to open themselves up to their higher greater nature, will again die at this time so that they can ascend back into Spirit, because they may not be here to have an experience of surviving the extreme conditions and circumstances that some will choose to have as they move into Planet B.

Those who remain and will survive the catastrophic upheaval that some will experience, do so by choice. It is part of their soul experience, chosen before they entered into this plane, knowing that this could be a choice of experience that they could have, and if they desired it they will have this experience. But many do not have this desire or wish to have such an extreme experience of upheaval such as the destruction of a planet. Many will simply choose to return back into Spirit in mass exodus, and those who experience this will depart the physical experience and all appear together on "the other side" where they will look at each other and say: "That was quite the trip, that was quite the experience!" because they have gone in together.

It will be a much different experience than individual deaths, for it is a group conscious choice of the majority to have this experience of Ascension. It is still a personal experience but it is also a group mass experience of many millions, billions crossing through the traditional means of Ascension through death. This Awareness has never said this was not a form of Ascension but quite the opposite, and has always said this is the form of Ascension that most experience as they build up to a greater perception and understanding of their greater multidimensional being, so that ultimately they can have that experience of Ascension that is unfolding at this time.

Fearful of the Death Experience

Thank you. A comment from another person, TH, "Is there any truth to the idea that many are fearful of the death experience and that is part of the reason they are so much into the Ascension process? In other words, they hope it is a way to avoid that which they fear the most, the death experience." Is there any comment on that please?


COSMIC AWARENESS: Of course there are those who are afraid of the death experience and who may think that they are circumventing it by believing that they will have the Ascension experience, where they can simply walk through a portal and reach their heightened level of consciousness. The fact is that there are many more who are not afraid of death and are understanding that this type of Ascension experience is also possible to them. Those who are doing it as a way of avoiding the death experience may successfully avoid the death experience if they have an understanding of the Ascension experience and what to do to attain heightened consciousness in the first place. If they work this out for themselves, they will not go through the death experience.

But there are others who think they will ascend, avoiding bodily death, who will not succeed and will ascend in the old-fashioned way. They will still ascend but they will go through the death process. Death is not a punishment. Death is not a torture for the human condition, put on individuals that they must suffer through. Death was always God's promise to return the soul back into the soul fabric, back into the fabric of the Divine, and therefore it was always and is still God's gift to those spiritual beings that chose to have a physical experience for the purpose of having the knowledge and wisdom gained from such experiences. Even if knowledge and wisdom is not gained, by having physical experiences over and over again, it establishes knowing and understanding.

In any event, the death experience may be the factor that catalyzes for some their seeking of Ascension, but it does not guarantee that one will experience Ascension because one is afraid of death. Finally, this Awareness does point out that curiously enough, although there are many major religions that talk about a life after death, very few give a true understanding of what awaits, and they supersede therefore the fear element of dying or the fear of being punished for their lies by being sent to hell.

Therefore, even those who were of a traditional belief system, and have a definite belief structure or religion, still have the fear of death because those religious practices and beliefs often do not prepare one for their own physical death. Those who turned away from their religious orthodoxy went searching for other explanations of how to avoid death, because in truth, death became something to be afraid of under the teachings of many of these religions, not something to look forward to. This fear is often the direct result of traditional religious teachings and practices.


QUESTIONER: Thank you. There is, I believe, one more on Ascension. This is from PN and she writes, "I am a mother of a beautiful two and a half-year-old and I would like to know if children and their parents are connected in the Ascension process and if there are any preparations or exercises we can do as a family individually or as a unit to be ready?" Your thoughts please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is an excellent question, for many parents have a fear of the Ascension process, of the prophecies and predictions of these End Times, because they are afraid they will lose their children, their loved ones, and they will not cross together as a family unit, either nuclear family units or extended family units, and that they will lose their loved ones who do not cross if they themselves believe in Ascension. This fear is a real and tangible fear, and yet, as this Awareness has spoken, one must avoid fear, for fear is what constricts, fear is what diminishes, and fear is what enslaves.

This mother of a child of two of course hopes that she is able to extend the knowledge of Ascension around her child, around her family, so that they will ascend with her. The question of


whether there is a connection is a valid one, for indeed there is connection. The parents of children, especially under three, are connected to their children in the Ascension process. Three years of age is approximately the age when the child truly moves into more comprehension and individuality, where the middle self becomes much more active as the guiding force in the child's life as it moves forward into adulthood. Up until three years of age the child's spiritual needs and destiny are strongly linked to the parents, especially to the mother.

Therefore, if the mother is aware of Ascension and of its importance, the child that is connected to her will also experience the Ascension experience because the agreement that was made in spirit form was that this would be what occurred. Therefore, the child will have, if you will, an automatic ticket into Ascension, for it was the agreement at the soul level that guaranteed this to be so. But, what of the child beyond three years of age? Could that child not ascend while the mother or father did? This is a possibility that most parents would not wish to hear because of their attachment to their children. This often leads individuals not to even wish to hear about Ascension material or Ascension discussion because they will not entertain the thought that they may lose their children at this time.

Therefore, many choose to avoid contemplation of Ascension because their physical fear is that they will lose their loved ones, or in this case a beloved child or children. Yet this Awareness must remind one and all that each individual is an aspect of the Divine, and each and every individual has chosen its own destiny in accordance to its soul needs and in accordance and in alignment to the Divine Purpose. Thus it is that even though the thought of losing a child who is five years of age because it did not ascend, forgoes that understanding that the five-year-old is Spirit having a physical experience.

The belief that one will be lost to that child spirit forever is erroneous. If one is to ascend and there is separation from the beloved child of five, this is not a permanent separation. The ascended one may still be part of the life of that ascended child, whether it is at a lower level of Ascension or if it is in Spirit. The connection or bond that brought them together is eternal and will exist after Ascension as well as now before Ascension.

This is a difficult area for many to investigate, for they are so trapped in physicality that they forget they are spiritual beings and multidimensional in nature, and so are their children. In the end the individual spirit that is in existence, the aspect of soul that has chosen to have a physical experience belongs first and foremost to Spirit or to the Divine, to God Almighty, and not to a parent that birthed him or her. But the agreements and the connections are all there and as long as the individual response to the calling of the Divine Voice that lies within is true to that and does not go into fear or doubt, then all will be well and the child who does not ascend is not lost and the parent who has the experience of not crossing with that child is not lost, and is not hindered and all will come together, for such is the nature of Spirit and multidimensionality that the connections will exist after Ascension as well.

How Steve Jobs Greeted Death

QUESTIONER: Interesting. Another question, this comes from PK. She writes, "Many people have been very touched by the words of Steve Jobs' sister after his death and her report of his last words being, 'Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!' I wonder if Awareness has a comment regarding this please?"

COSMIC AWARENESS: This individual who did much to give accessible, easy, user-friendly technology to humanity, experienced the Divine, not a technical robot on the other side ready to


to meet him, and this so impressed him as to say "Oh Wow!" This was the Divine Spark of God presenting Itself in angelic form, waiting to show him the way home. He saw what is the divine nature of the higher levels of consciousness. This Awareness says he already had traveled largely out of his body, his conscious mind already being touched by the Spirit of God, and seeing the truth that lies behind the physical, he was so moved and impressed that he was reduced to the most simplistic explanation he could manage, "Oh Wow!"

This is what this Awareness sees. It was and is a confirmation that what exists beyond the Veil of Delusion, the Veil of Forgetfulness, will inspire those who are open to it to proclaim the beauty and power of that which is Divine, that which is Spirit, and that which is God Almighty.

Facebook! Is it the Devil's work?

QUESTIONER: That's beautiful, thank you. There is a second question here concerning Facebook. The question is, "Is it a tool of the Powers That Be to diminish and constrict further the mass consciousness? I distrust all the nudgings from many directions to partake of it." Your comments please, sort of a side question.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is a social media that could be misused. It was formed not for that purpose and it is largely still something that has great merit in sharing thoughts and ideas, information and experiences. But those who would enslave, those who would constrain, oppress and suppress, are seeking very much to make this into a form of enslavement and control and there are aspects of this already that can be used in the most negative way. But as most things, there is a negative use and a positive use. Facebook and other social media have much to proclaim them as positive. While they also have what would indeed be pointed out as negative, and what could be used by the dark forces, one must always realize it is one's own choice as to how to use this or that.

Whether one uses Facebook for the highest positive purposes or the lowest negative purpose is ultimately the choice and responsibility of the indivi-dual. Those corrupt powers have not completely taken this media over, this way of social media, this way of social connection, nor is it seen that they will ever completely take it over until the Planet B scenario is in full effect. But it is wise to be aware of some of the hidden dangers in social medias such as Facebook. This Awareness does say to PK that she is wise to be distrustful but not to allow this to become paranoia.

This Awareness wishes to add further that this would apply to all levels of things of a negative nature or of a positive nature. Religion, for example, could be seen to be entirely negative in its nature, ensnaring those into a belief structure that does not allow them to think for themselves but only parrot the beliefs that they have been given. And yet religions often do provide individuals a sense of a spiritual experience. Many derive great spiritual benefit in sitting in church and hearing the Gospel read or feeling the power of the ceremony in their religious temple or mosque. These are the positive aspects.

If one is able to understand one must be discerning and questioning, then one will not simply be controlled by that which this Awareness has called the dark lie, the Big Lie. Again, bringing this back into the focus for a moment, one must always be able to question what is positive and what is negative and to discern where the negative has hold, controls and manipulates, so one can release that and be with the positive.



Jupiter to be Turned into a Second Sun

QUESTIONER: Thank you. We have something from JD. He writes, "I would like to know what happened to the comet Elenin. NASA space agency said it broke apart and yet going by what Cosmic Awareness said, it was a planetoid of Galactic Federation coming here to help with the Ascension process. Everyone was following this comet so closely and then nothing. So my question is, what happened to it and where is it now?" And to confirm, did Awareness not say that Elenin would cloak itself and would not be visible to the naked eye at one time?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is so and this Awareness still affirms this to be so, that it did cloak itself. This planetoid was also a hollow receptacle that contained numerous Galactic Federation spaceships or space habitats, and when it arrived those spaceships and habitats that are in orbit departed from the hollow center of this planetoid and took up orbit around the planet itself. They are in orbit, still cloaked as it were, and the planetoid body has now moved away from Earth and is heading to a position where it will be used to trigger an explosion that will turn Jupiter into a second sun.

This is part of a prophecy that was popularized in the book and movies 2001, a Space Odyssey, and 2010 the sequel to 2001. There are other prophecies of a second sun being created in this solar system. This is what the ultimate plan is and it is now underway. The spaceships, however, are in orbit and there is no longer a need for the planetoid to be put into an orbit around Earth, indeed, it never did go into orbit. It delivered its payload, if you will, and has now been directed onward. There are still extraterrestrial beings on the ship that are guiding it to its final destination, who will leave the ship on another spacecraft when it is time to crash the planetoid into Jupiter.

QUESTIONER: Do you have a timeframe on that latter part please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This too is seen as an event that is scheduled in this coming year, in a few months, approximately 4 to 5 months from now.

Time and Multidimensional Perception

QUESTIONER: Thank you. This comes from E, that's all I have. Its regarding time, it's about a quote found on the Internet, it said it was from Calleman's work. "When the clock was invented hundreds of years ago humans began to divide the time in hours, minutes and seconds. The more time is divided the greater the materialization in third dimension and the separation of other living beings deeply responsive to the cycles of nature. Can this "time" as it is used, perceived in third dimension affect our multidimensional perception and the ability to be conscious of the many lifetimes?" Your comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: It has no affect whatsoever on the multidimensional layers that do not use time measurements as they are used on this planet. It is a purely physical invention to suit the structuring of experience in the physical realm. In the ancient past, time was not measured as precisely. Before the first early sundials, one lived their life in complete accordance to the cycle of light and dark, of seasons. Time was experienced firsthand as an experience of being focused on the movement of the planet, be it on a daily cycle or a seasonal cycle. It was not imperative that one went to bed at nine o'clock in the evening, having the alarm set for seven o'clock so that they could wake up to begin their day. What would occur is that an individual would go to bed when it


became dark because there was not much to do and not enough light at that time. One would sleep through the dark period of the cycle, the daily spin of the planet, awakening in the morning when light became available again and commenced the day.

It was not a matter of waking up at a precise time when the alarm went off and then having every minute after during the day measured out for them, for it is a type of control that time now is time that is measured, time that is marked. Individuals forget that they are the focal point of their experience, and in structuring that experience the societal beliefs that evolved were that one had to have precise measurements of the "time" available to one, so one could make appointments, one could schedule, one could live in accordance to time as it is measured by clocks, by calendars, by timing devices; becoming more and more exact, to the actual split second even of a quartz crystal's oscillation marking a distinct time period of measurement.

But what is coming will be the collapse of measured time, an artificial concept, as man puts themselves back into the focus of the moment, as men and women remember their Divine Clock within them, where they free themselves from the bondage that is measured time, where they understand that their importance as human beings has nothing to do with how accurately they follow the measurement of time, how accurately they pursue these measurements – showing up for their appointments on time, or having others show up at their allocated time of meeting.

These artificial constructs often cause great problems and difficulties for those who are obsessed with time and "time management", who run their lives in complete accordance to their schedules and to their wristwatches on their wrists – versus those who are loose in their time interpretation, who simply treat time as a general guide and not as a precise instrument to plan their lives, and live their lives by. There is often great conflict between individuals who are time structured, who live in accordance to exact timing, versus those who do not live in such an arrangement.

Indian Time

Indigenous peoples the world over often have a very bad sense of timing and the importance of time. There is what is known as Indian time, this simply meaning that often Native Americans, First Nations people, as they are known in Canada, may simply feel it's time to go somewhere, and even though they spoke that they would be somewhere at a certain time they may indeed appear two, three hours later simply because they did not feel the necessity of following an expectation of timing. These individuals are not wrong in how they live their lives, they simply have a different concept of the movement of time, living more a natural time versus constructed time or artificial time, as those in the white man's world, if you will, would live.

An Intuitive Sense of Time

Therefore there is often conflict between those who live such a loose interpretation of time and with those who live time precisely. Ultimately, with the collapse of the system that is now in existence many will learn that the measurement of time need not be so precise. What is more important is that one has a connection to others so that there is an intuitive sensing of when to meet and when to come together. The paradox is that often when one lives in a more natural interpretation of time and the movement of time, not the measurement of time, one is exactly on time for events that require coming together. It is as if by living in that intuitive situation one simply has a sense of when to do something and the timing is often correct. Are there further questions?


QUESTIONER: No, I was just going to remark the Interpreter has a wonderful sense of timing and doesn't even wear a watch.

COSMIC AWARENESS: He has developed this intuitive sense, although it is not always appreciated by those who sometimes wait for him to arrive. It is particularly difficult when he is going to take an international flight and arrives but 5 minutes before the final -in time. While this was an interesting experience for the Interpreter and the energizer, it indeed did work out . The Interpreter actually did not have to wait for boarding but was able to march straight onto the plane just before it was ready to go, and he did not have any problem. The unfortunate thing was once he was on the plane it was delayed for an hour because of technical difficulties.

This is the kind of thing that so often happens when one thinks they must be on time and stresses out over being there on time, only to have an erroneous event occur, an event such as a delayed flight because of technical difficulties. If one simply relaxes and knows that one needs to be to a place on time and allows things to flow, things will usually work out.

QUESTIONER: Thank you! Thank you for that memory!

COSMIC AWARENESS: One final point: this Awareness is not saying to be disrespectful of others' expectations or others' schedules, for if one simply thinks they can arrive at five o'clock for a flight that went out at three o'clock, they might well be disappointed. There is a necessity in this world still, because of the way it is, to be aware of how time is measured, and how time is worked by the majority, and live somewhat in accordance to this but not to let it control and dominate. Is this clear?

Releasing Negativity and Lies

Preparing for Coming Events

QUESTIONER: Yes, thank you. Is there a closing message?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Because of the extent of the opening message there is no extensive closing message. This Awareness simply wishes all to understand that these are unique times and have the greatest promise and present the greatest opportunity, as well as being times of the greatest challenge, and even for many the greatest fears. It is incredibly important now to truly start to look within; to do inward processing in whatever way is available to the individual.

Using the affirmations this Awareness has now given, "I am the Light, the Light I am" and, "I am Love, Love I am" will do much to lighten one up both mentally and emotionally, and will do much to help one see into the lies of life that so many have been taught and trained to, and to come to the deeper enlightened understanding of why these experiences were important and the beliefs that went with them.

It is equally important now to release those beliefs, those trainings and those mind controls that have been put into place, not simply by parents but by those who are in control of this world, who have sought so long to control and manipulate the minds of the populace, the collective mind. What is often seen as an individual belief is really the product of the control and manipulations of the Powers That Be to continue to keep individuals asleep, because if individuals are asleep they are easier to control.

They can be made to be fearful of the events that are unfolding, insecure when their personal assets and finances are threatened, and even to follow those beliefs that would guide their spiritual growth in a way that does not provide hope and in fact produces fear and distrust. All of this is part of what needs now to be looked at deeply in each individual's personal life and to be


understood in a way that will bring them freedom, and will expand their consciousness and prepare them for a heightened experience of Ascension.

QUESTIONER: Exactly, thank you. That was an excellent session.

(The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energy that has been given receives a certain reward. Energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line and when extended far enough, can only return to its source bearing gifts. Thank you.)

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