By DL Zeta

Spring 2012 is ripe for renewal as we set our sights on new creations. Now, more than ever before, the forces of the universe are available to assist us in powering creations aimed at accelerated self-.

The key to this accelerated realization of dreams is to get our mind and working together. When our mind and are unified in complete , our visions manifest easily and effortlessly. The where, when and how naturally fall into place when we marry these two primary aspects of our being.

Unconditional Love Unites Mind and Soul

The fastest way to unite mind and soul is to love every aspect of our being. As we enter deeper levels of unconditional love, we automatically unite all aspects of our being. The past is healed; our highest visions begin to crystallize in our field of potentials. Living in a state of unconditional love allows us to shift to timelines where synchronicities are the norm rather than the exception. All that we seek to manifest flows unimpeded into physical reality.

In order to exist in a state of unconditional love, it may be helpful to heal and clear the emotions. Paradoxically, this process is aided by unifying the primary aspects of our being.

Inner Unification and Levels of our Being

It may help to visualize the linkage of mind and soul. The conscious and minds exist as two spheres side by side. These two are not truly separate. Floating between them is a third level accessible to both. That is, the emotional level. When we consider the positioning of the emotional level, it’s easy to see how the state of our either helps harmonize or further separates our mind and soul. If our emotions are in a state of unrest, this creates static and chaos in the channel between the conscious and subconscious. Within every moment our either becomes a bridge or an insurmountable barrier to our soul or subconscious. This is why and clearing the emotions is so important to the self-realization process.

Recognizing and Healing the Sacred Wound

Until we bring about a full-scale clearing of our emotional , each manifestation must navigate a convoluted emotional labyrinth to enter the physical. It’s easy for a vision to become snagged in this labyrinth if all parts of our consciousness are not in agreement with the intended manifestation.

The alternative to negotiating an emotional maze with each intended creation is to undertake a full-scale, across-the-board healing of the emotional body. This clearing sounds daunting but it need not be if we are willing to gain awareness of our sacred wound and allow ourselves to see how it has operated in our life through time. This may take a period of examination – or you may already have a clear idea of what it is. Whichever the case, be willing to do what it takes to identify your sacred wound and heal it.

The Sacred Wound Reflects our Earthly Mission

A sacred wound is the energetic culmination of the life lessons each person brings into a lifetime. The energetic signature of this wound existed before birth. This is not a punishment but the mission you came here to undertake. If you chose this mission before you incarnated here, it is by no means a "mission impossible." You chose this undertaking because you knew it would be possible as long as you're willing to grow and stretch.

As you undertake this all-important task, you will find manifestations accelerating. As you come to know and love all aspects of yourself, you are healed and energized along the deepening path to self-understanding and realization.

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