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Another interesting theory. But how sudden will it happen? Or is this a slow process?



(The Core – The Divine Completion)

– Role Venus and Mercury Explained
– The New Theory Exposed!
– David Wilcock Explains deep scientific Data of the Coming transformation
– Pane Andov Shares his Experiences and Coming Transformation
– Proof given that our Sun will become a Red Giant on 21 Dec
– Its a that all plantary bodies are experiencing exposure to this which is heating them up and bringing a rapid expansion of their surface's and inner core's.

People who still deny this fact, this divine process that is now so close to take place, you are going to be shaken soon and hopefuly you'll wake up, as there is nothing more beautiful then to realise whats about to happen.

I haven't included the information on the beings because to my feeling it says its best for you to search for this yourself, i hope you understand.

Once again thanks to those who played a major role in my life and in the past lifes and on galactic levels aswell so i thank you all that are present on this Planet

Be Well