Message from Goddess Ma ’at
Channeled by:
March 28, 2012

Truth, order, balance and justice is a personification of what I represent. The cycles of will always continue unceasing, in the proper sphere, your purity is rewarded and anything opposite of what is pure in your heart must be dealt with. and your own environment requires perfect balance, and it receives this balance over time. Your universe and the world which you live is sacred and must be felt sacred from the very center of your being – from your heart. I AM Ma ‘at, and I come to you today to discuss adversity through this child, your sister.

I AM aware of the adversity that moves through your lives, sometimes constantly. And I AM also aware that there are many dear children of precious God that wishes all others to pay dearly for any pain that has been experienced along the way. Even if you had your wish dear one, it does not solve what is moving through your mind and heart. The desire to make another suffer also causes you suffering. As difficult as it appears to be, accept the place where you are with open arms. Do not pass any blame any longer even if another person had a part to play in your recent dilemma. Forgive dear ones; forgive yourself and forgive ALL those involved. Forgiveness will ultimately remove you from any lingering guilt or heavy burdening negativity that you have carried for too long.

Sometimes it is important to go deep within yourself, to your authentic self and learn to love YOU. The ones who have done this or who are going through this understands how difficult this is and the pain that filters to the surface can be most definitely described as wrenchingly difficult. You may find yourself feeling numb at times, but avoiding this stage of your growth will only aid you to becoming stagnant and quite possible this avoidance could very well encourage self-hatred. You have faced adversity before, but when you are facing yourself, it is much harder dear ones. Be patient and kind to yourself and most importantly love yourself.

When you are faced with any kind of adversity, it becomes an opportunity to excavate everything that you have been holding onto for so long and seeing it for the first time in some instances as being false. This is the time for you to not peak, but to open the door to secrets that you have pushed away for so long to come to the surface and be dealt with. Secrets dear ones can increase stress onto your already hectic day, adding to it by holding onto secrets that hold no value to you only lowers your own . Do not fear what you will dig up; look with open eyes, heart and an open mind. Allow the contented delusions you have created that are false to crumble and allow your real self shine with incredible light and beauty.

With the changing of your times, adversity and dealing with change is happening more often. There is more crumbling of walls and I ask of you dear ones to be brave, lean into God or into the Logos known to us as the Jesus Christ. Your God of the heavens is all around you dear ones, inside you and never is He ignoring you. Allow yourself to empty yourself from all attached emotions, allow your mind to empty from busying thoughts and FEEL. Feel the warmth of His presence and KNOW from the Light feeling you experience through your heart how DEEPLY you are loved. He has always been with you, every step of your journey. You only had to listen very, very silently and hear with your heart of His love for you.

Even when you are aware of your God of the Heavens, it is understood by me, by Him and many others that each of you are at different stages of progressive cleansing for your spiritual growth and development. There are some children that proceeded ahead because they have weathered their own personal storms and distresses, and some are just beginning and are only moving through the early stages of discomfort, and there are a good number of you that are right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane to speak. I will be frank as there is no point to speak in half-truths; there are a good number of people, of God’s children that choose to remain in the stage of numbness. Choice is what is relevant dear ones. There are always choices. The children that have CHOOSEN to continue progressing are now living within their authentic and truthful selves and the ones that are struggling but still persevering made a soul level choice to expand, grow and to become all that they can be. They knew there was more for them and they knew there was work involved and success is the reward. The point here dear ones is committing yourself to your own devotion of self-love and the WANT of being ALL that you are meant to be. Each of you, inside of you has incredible and limitless power. Access this power, trust in it and trust in yourself. After all your clearing and after all the digging and removing of the clutter that has been buried for so long is finally gone, feel the difference – it is a beautiful feeling and it is a gift you give to yourself; it is called FREEDOM. Loving yourself and freeing yourself from the heavy burdens that are doing you good is your greatest gift and you of all people deserve this special gift that will further your deepest desire to grow and expand your soul to its limitless depths.

Dear ones, you are the mirrors of your own world. What goes on inside of you is reflected onto your outer world, the environment which you live, breath, work and play. You will seek inner peace when you put a stop to inner battles that have caused many conflicting perceptions and understanding of yourself. Heal yourself with your blessed acceptance that the past is just that. There are lessons from the past, but that is all. Let go of the pain and hurt, release the pent up angers to your Heavenly God. As I mentioned already – FORGIVE and then let the healing begin.

You will find yourself moving closer to the perfect Oneness many of you are seeking. During the time of great clearing it is incredibly important to put into effect extreme self-care which includes telling yourself – . Be compassionate to yourself and to all those you communicate and are in close contact with. Adopt a loving attitude towards your life that includes fun and enjoyment. Do not only work at the reading and studying and removal of the old ragged thoughts and ways. Allow some down time to rejuvenate the spirit and give verve to your confidence and self-esteem. Enjoy the many miracles that enter your life and always dear ones live through your heart.

Adversity dear ones is a blessing in disguise. Don’t run from it, embrace it. Find what it is to you, to your individualness and your beliefs what is true, balanced, justified, and has order. It will be different for each of you, but through this discovery you will come home to your Authentic Self that is pure of heart and soul. My love is shared with all of you effortlessly and without any attaching conditions. My guidance should any of you require my support is readily available to you. Continue foraging ahead dear ones, there is gold within each of you ready to found.


Goddess Ma ‘at through Julie Miller