The company, which has developed the 5 kilowatt Fuel Free Generator, is in the middle of testing. Their next announcement will be via the . PES is establishing a network.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On February 22, 2012, I posted a story about my February 11, 12 visit to to witness a 5 kilowatt (enough to power a home without central air conditioning, conservatively) fuel-free generator and to meet the inventor and some of the principle players in helping him bring this technology to market. Here's the news bullet for that story:


PES Establishing a Network

For obvious reasons, this story has generated a huge amount of interest; and has inundated my inbox with inquiries about licensing. I have forwarded those that had sufficient information and merit on to the S. African company; and I plan on also establishing a licensing network that will be ready to go when a company comes along like this one, so more of the screening is already done. 

Here is a pdf from one of the best emails we received (posted with permission). To those of you who have contacted me about licensing, I would like to recommend that you prepare something similarly concise and relevant. That would help us as we establish this network. 

Also, if you can come in as a volunteer to help us get this launched, that would be appreciated. Of course, once we are successful, there will be financial reward for those who have been instrumental. Here are some of the tasks involved:

  • Due Diligence / Vetting

    • Business specialists: help in vetting best companies to license; advise companies in business strategy
    • Technology specialists: help in vetting/ranking best technologies; advise companies in technology matters
  • Regional Coordination: meshing of territories, sub-licenses
  • Customer sign-up: establish database of corporate and individual customers
  • Legal: contracts, regulations, etc.
  • Webmaster: a professional, efficient web interface for the private and public aspects

Update from the S. African Company

Now, finally, for those of you who have been anxious to get an update, I have been given permission to post the following statement from the company, which may be the last before they make their big splash to the mainstream news.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012 10:55 PM [MDT]
(slightly edited)

Hi Sterling

You may write that the units will be produced once we have received our shipment of alternators and dc motors. The electronic circuit boards are ready and have been tested for the 200 units. We have started alpha testing and noticed that not all motors are equal. We have thus had to change dc motor suppliers, and hence the delay. 

I think it is better to be cautious and prudent when launching a product than to create the hype around it first. We did not wish to publicize the fact that there were 200 units coming out as these were not meant for commercial release. These will be for alpha testing and have already been assigned to testers. 

Naturally, with releasing information, one has to be careful not to compromise on any commercial discussions. As such we will not be releasing any other or further information. 

Please let your readers know that they should be looking at the mainstream media for word from us now. The reasons many inventions of this nature fail is also due to the fact that it is seen as fringe science touted by fringe media. An invention of this nature will be in the mainstream media when it is released.

We have been waiting for something like this for at least a century now, we can wait a little longer, I think.

For the detractors in your comment field: Get off your butts and go invent something instead of slagging off on anyone who is attempting to free you from your slavery to fossil fuels, or perhaps you represent the industry?

By way of clarification, I should point out that our mention of 200 units in our last story was reviewed and approved by them. I supposed that the above statement "we did not wish to publicize the fact that there were 200 units coming out" is more a retrospective wish.

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This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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