I hope this is a genuine . If it is, it's the most important I've ever heard. A quiet and gradual revolution has been started… The impact will be tremendous, but without the chaos that usually goes with it. It is expected that this news also will be broadcasted via after some time. Because the gradual approach of this announcement, so not to cause upheaval, they start with the alternative media first.

The announcement is to alleviate fear for the things that are going to happen in the very near future. The announcement only takes the first 30 minutes. The rest is for questions and answers.

The problem I have is, I have no points of reference to verify the validity of it. But I guess we will soon find out the truth.



The information on this call recording explains the new global financial system and structure.
This is part of an overall plan to regain freedom for the planet and all of the residents, you and me. This is a part of a plan I read many years ago. I suggest that anyone listening to it, take notes.

Deatra hosts with guest . explains that The People have given civilian authority to the services to make changes to bring us back to the true government for and by the people. also warns everyone to not miss read what is going on. They are NOT coming for the people the cabals time is up! Please prepare for the coming "good" change that is coming. Please make this VIRAL!
The foundation has been made. All that is needed is YOU!
Get active, get involved! Opened to all Americans. If you wish to get involved send me a message. Regular everyday people are needed to give their opinion and voice.
freedom reigns website: http://freedomreigns.us/