Greetings beloveds, we come before you to speak of Love. We are your comrades in this beautiful undertaking to which you have become so committed since without beginning.

The quality of Love is transforming. You have probably it, dear ones. It has taken on an essence you have not seen for many eons. Take a moment to feel the quality. Bathe in it and absorb it. Be very cognizant of its nature. By now, you are experiencing Love in a different Light.

You know now that Love is your essence, not just something that you feel or out at will. It makes up your whole being. It governs your decisions; it colors your world. It Is your world; it Is you. It is everyone around you if you choose to see it that way.

Enter into that world now. Let it color how you at things, how you react to things, how you take action. It is the essence of you. No one can convince you otherwise .

We see you all expanding into this concept of Love so that nothing will ever be the same again. You have stepped into the Earth. Welcome! You can choose to step out of it into illusion if you choose, but what would be the point? You have come all this way to be here. Now start laying your roots down into it. Nourish and Mother Earth and yourselves into this beginning.

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