Dear ones, we come to tell you of the light we see eminating from your planet in an ever increasing intensity. So many are awakening and beginning to understand the bigger . So many are beginning to see through the lies and games of those who wish to keep you in bondage and ignorant of your true selves . Do not get hung up on the fear and negativity you may become aware of, but instead try very hard to use that which you become aware of for in keeping your energy and consciousness immersed in , for this is what change consciousness. Your energy of light affects those around you and then will affect the next for all are actually .

In you do not your individuality, but begin to understand that all individuals are within and of the ONE. Many fear losing their individuality as they evolve because this concept has been presented in some teachings and when understood through an third dimensional consciousness, it could be interpreted that way. The truth is that each of you is a piece within the whole (Omnipresent Divine Consciousness) much like a jigsaw puzzle with each piece very important.

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