I AM of the First Ray — the Ray of Dawn and I reach to you in peace, admiration and appreciation in your . At this time and place there much unfinished work that needs to be done. Standing beside you, I do feel the clutter and the need to balance your life in all its many avenues. And I understand this undertaking not an easy task, yet it one that will bring you great fulfillment, peace, truth, love, happiness and so much more. There a large amount of energy moving around you and throughout your inner self; dear you will become more contented with the sequences of energy. You must always begin within and move outward. Many are still going about the seeking of personal and energy from beginning outward, all the sediments of underlying troubles that will in the end bring them to lower energies. My dear chelas begin with the Godlikedness that is within you and discover through the Flame all troubles will be transmuted into positive energy that will clear the way to a higher octave of your consciousness. Developing from within dear ones is the way of the Source — of God by the geometry of the fragment, of the atom bringing you to the cosmos of yourself and of the universe.
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