Dear Blessed Hearts, I came to this child a few days ago during a moment of intense pain she was experiencing and covered her with a blanket of mercy and compassion. She has served us of the divine selflessly and it was only fitting we came to her aid and now she is back once again receiving and delivering the much needed messages the Divine Creator, otherwise known as God to some has given her to do. Your sister, blessed hearts is as much a part of you as you are a part of her. All of you are , just as she and all of you are equally loved by me, and by all the great spirits of the Divine Kingdom.

I have come to you today in a most fervent manner. I come this way because there are still many blessed hearts, children of God that struggle with trying to understand why they have not discovered their own God Presence, or why the beloved have not stood with you and showed the way to take. I tell you now THEY the Ascended Masters have stood within your Presence and We as a combined collective have parted the seas, marking for you the way for which you are to take. We have shown you through subtle gestures that come through dreams, or visions that occur during sleep or meditation which path to take to join the Consciousness of the Presence of God Himself; learning, understanding and adopting One Wisdom, One Love and the Will of God into every part of your being. Through all the teaching the Ascended Masters have bestowed upon you, it is you that make the final choice what to do with the direction we point you in. Do not say God has failed you; He has not failed where He hasn't been granted permission to be. Make room for God and see and feel the Light that will envelope every particle of your body, mind and spirit; and feel your heart expand beyond any measure to the point of overflowing.

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