Questions', wondering of crosses each of your minds often; dear ones is being able to see what is. With all your continual thoughts of "what-ifs" and passing blame to another and worsen thoughts is dwelling on the negative. When you question with the new phrase, "what-if", answer with a positive possibility. By continuing to ponder on negative remarks and thought patterns you only continue to receive further negatives. There is and the truth that works when you actively participate in the Laws of Manifestation. Dear ones, you ought to be working to always look at a thing, or happening with , not negativity. Each and every instance holds valuable lessons that lead to greater . I ask of you to embrace each instance, even the ones that hard the most difficult of challenges and see with positive eyes, the wondrous lessons you have received and the amazing you have gained. Feel your eyes widen with truth from this moment of reflection.

Every child of God feels the barrage of influencing suggestions from the many experiences that are encountered through your day-to-day living. is constantly passing to you from many directions. The each of you is receiving is always being updated and prepared within you for when you take the time to allow yourself some gratifying solitude and go within yourself to find the answers you are seeking. Each of you are looking and reaching for what will provide you with comfort, peace and joy. Most definitely this will be different for each of you because none of you were made exactly the same from another person. Each step you take that moves you forward along your journey passes you through a variety of life's experiences. You have faced incredible choices, made decisions that not only affected you but those closest to you. Within all that you have done so far, you have succeeded your lessons and still here you are plugging away, trying to always achieve a little more each time. Dear ones, my humble heart commends and salutes your efforts.

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