There are many dear souls who believe I came to bring peace amongst the people, yet I came bearing the mightiest weapon of all. I came with the truth and knowledge of the power that the Spirit of God dwells within each fine . This truth does bring forth peace once it is acknowledged and seen from going within yourself, finding your true self that hold unspeakable knowledge. Such knowledge that is stored inside of you is not taught in schools or from books. This is an inner wisdom that fills your DNA and is accessible through specific meditations. It is the books and articles you turn to for clarification or further study of what is already contemplated by you.

You must be able to provoke yourself, push yourself to learn the truth that rests within you. Your parents or caregivers can only provide you with the they know. This does not make it untruthful or truthful because at the time it was the only truth known, therefore what you were told was the truth. Over the years, has been released regarding numerous understandings and studies that draw the human curiosity enabling the necessity to know more. It is here when many of the truths that many dear souls heard growing up become unstable and dissolve. When a dear soul is out to discover one's self, a whole new world emerges with eyes that see far beyond the norm of yesterday. Do not blame your caregivers, for they taught what they could and new best of. It is your turn to become the teacher of what you are mastering one step at a time. If possible dear ones, go to your caregivers or the ones that aided your earliest beginning and teach what you have learned. Share your experiences. This open sharing will empower both to learn and grow expediently.

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