In these days you are coming together in peace, love and harmony and as you do this, the feeling of sublime permeates all that you do. This is most auspicious, for it shows that those who have done the work of clearing are truly beginning to emulate the energy of Love that is being beamed to the Earth from the and other areas of the Creator's vast oceans of life.

As this continues, more of your higher aspects may align with you upon the material plane. As your diamond Light shines everywhere you go, it reflects the that is the true state of Being of every Human incarnated upon this Planet.

Purity is the focus in these coming months and we encourage you to continue in your efforts to cleanse every drop of all that does not resonate with the diamond light frequency from your four body system. You are becoming a Being of full spectrum Light.

You encompass all the colors of the rainbow and are now acquiring the more sublime Cosmic Rays. As you continue to align with your Divine Essence, more of these glorious colors become a part of your auric field and you become a Rainbow Light Being. As you continue in the completion of your old paradigm agreements and intentions, you are blazing a Path that enables others to step firmly upon it.

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