Today we are giving you a little background about how you create your reality day-by-day. For those of you who may not be so familiar with these concepts, it is likened unto a crash course.

Consciousness. Energy is consciousness. Every cell in your body has its own consciousness and every consciousness is linked. You are separate from nobody and no thing.

That which is termed the concept of telepathy, we would say rather 'telempathy' – empathetic telepathic — ALL of you have this ability. All of you do indeed operate at this telempathic level.

When you meet somebody and in that first instant you say, "I really like this " or "I feel that I have known this for all of my life" or "I just do not like this ," it is a telempathic communication. And where it is one of dislike, it is simply that the consciousness of the other is bringing forth a reaction of fear in you. It is striking an old chord.

So you are likened unto a grand tuning fork. You exist in a realm of the most amazing diversity of consciousness, of energy, and you spend most of your time in reaction to what is occurring outside of you in what is, in your perception, exterior to you, to your physicality.

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