My message for you this evening is one of great hope, one of great preparation, for you have prepared for eons for this time that is fast approaching. Many things are happening in the background that you may not yet be aware of, but you will shortly. These times are changing and many things are about to happen that will blow the roof off of most of the idealized lives that people are living at this time. They have no idea of some of the things that you are aware and even you my brothers and sisters do not yet know all of the enormity of what is about to occur, what is about to happen to the human race and to the planet herself. You have little idea at this time just how grand this plan is and how you each have been a part of this plan for so long and now you are coming to the culmination, to the finish line you might say.

The first part of this, the first phase is fast coming to an end and the next phase is about to begin and as it begins and becomes all that it can be, you each one are being readied to be in the next part of this phase, to move into action, to become all that you came here to be. Many times, you have been asked "are you ready", and many times you have responded "yes I am ready Sananda". But are you really, for you must go deep down within yourself and ask yourself if you are prepared for that which is to come. Are you prepared to play a part of all that you are to play in this role, all that you have been responsible for moving toward and be that which you came here to be, to fulfill those promises? If you are ready, then certainly you will be utilized in many different facets to help the various brotherhoods throughout the planet and throughout the galaxy.

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