Good evening, my Dear friends, brethren and co-workers. I am Sananda, here in this late evening to provide a message regarding some things that I wish to make clearer to you. At this point in time many of you are seasoned when it comes to time spent waiting and you also do all you can in order to prepare the way for our work and for your fellow humans. I thank you for your fine work, your faithful Hearts and your never failing Trust. It is worth its weight in gold and it is your rock hard Trust, which in your Now will continue to lead you up and out of this current frame of 3D reality. You who have come a part along the way, you who slowly and steadfastly have deconstructed this frame or box that has kept you lost in the illusion, shielded from the simple Truth that the Love of its pure Light holds, you are now very impatient and long to spread your wings to take off from the ground and taste the real freedom that you suspect and which we assure you will be yours. My Love, My Dear Ones, it is with much Love that I bow in front of you and wish to take your hand and carefully squeeze it in confidence and assurance that this Truth IS and it IS yours to become. However, I want you to understand that these necessary, written changes does not let themselves be done very easily. Your world finds itself in a convulsive state after such a long time in darkness and petrification. It is now the time, and like the winter that stubbornly holds its icy cold and stubbornly let its soft snow teasingly fall close to the rise of spring, similarly the Cabal keeps its hold on the world, which until recently they considered in full to be theirs. I and we all, ask you to hold out and continue to see behind what media reports to you and the Cabal's attempt to distract you. You KNOW, you know in your Hearts that in truth there is much that is afoot in you and in your world. Trust this feeling and let it now, more than ever, be the beacon that helps you keep your spirits up and the hope intensively burning.
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