Clusters upon clusters of ancient energy stargates from periods in your history dating back as far as Atlantean times have been coming online in exponential rates, and this has been happening in accordance with the expanding and reawakening of the many chakras in the spirit complexes of man that have until now been kept closed.

Of course, there are still many unawakened souls inhabiting dear 's at this time and their chakras are expanding as well as all that has been of the lower dimensions is being cleansed and transmuted at this point.

Many have still chosen to remain unaware at their surface of the changes that are happening to them from realms that they cannot grasp conceptually because they do not remember such lands. The lower dimensional spell has been very strong and the veil of forgetfulness was necessary for the enabling of you all to learn many different unique lessons through inhabiting many different unique roles on .

Beyond the veil, much energetic work is being done to transmute the lower vibrations of separation, hate and fear that have been manifested and fed on Gaia's surface for so very long. That has been an aspect of the ascension of this surface of Earth that the majority of Lightworkers and Light Holders inhabiting the surface of dear Gaia have been performing.

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