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Tuesday, 20 March, 2012  (posted 29 March, 2012)

You were born to express your gifts. There is music in you, just awaiting . What is this music and why is it so important now?

The music is the unique energetic expression of your . It manifests as gifts. Only you can express these. Only you can give them to the world. As you connect with and express your gifts, something amazing happens. The light within you expands, bringing an uplifting vibration into your . As this happens, your frequency increases and your light radiates out into the world. This light becomes incorporated into your interactions with others; it provides a radiant to your activities.

The sound of your music is soundless from a conventional world view. However, this sound is boundless and vast – heard throughout the cosmos as your creative spark. It indeed has tones, from a spiritual perspective, but the sound cannot be detected with human ears.

You can express your music anywhere. It’s not about your job, your career, or some other worldly marker. It’s an expression of your soul – like a fingerprint, unique to you. The world needs your music, especially right now. The Earth is at a crucial tipping point, with humanity needing to choose a radically different way of life in order to survive.

You are, after all, a divine changemaker, alive now to help create a more loving world. You are encoded at a DNA level to consciously and actively participate in the most astounding revolution of consciousness ever seen. The key is remembering – as you do so, you connect with your gifts and naturally desire to share them in the world.

This is not complicated, but you must do this to be fulfilled and to fulfill your purpose of being alive during these auspicious moments.


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