Mar 11

I’ve noticed for a while now a push within the new age community to not accept help from our star families or to not them to be able to assist us…well I have a question for you? If their help is not to be trusted, why do you that you are indeed a starseed here to help ? Why is it ok to say we need to save ourselves, yet not ok to accept that those who did not incarnate here are doing their best to help help , within the boundries that they can?


I really have to wonder if we are being pushed into not trusting in our own star families on purpose….we out of everyone on the planet should have their backs, and give them our full trust until proven otherwise. If we can’t accept them, how the hell is the rest of humanity going to? If we don’t have their backs, can we really expect them to have ours?


Accepting help is not the same as being saved. How many starseeds believe in Jesus, that he was an enlightened being, now considered by millions if not billions to be the savior? Yet we aren’t willing to accept that other enlightened beings want to help Gaia, and us? Is it just me or does that strike you as hypocritical? Just as Jesus has been mistaken as a savior, people are now assuming and you know what happens when we assume, that any ETs wanting to assist must be trying to ‘save’ us and we should be wary they are trying to manipulate or deceive us or use us.


I can’t help but think that is exactly what those who are clinging onto power want us to do, why do you think such importance is placed on distrust in our ? e.i. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


We are in my opinion being brainwashed to believe that help is not to be accepted or trusted because it must have an alterior motive…something dark and sinister…says who? Society? Do you live by society’s or do you follow your own ? I personally follow my or at least I try to, and I’m not sitting on a pulpit here, I’ve been guilty of the same mistrust, but my eyes I believe are being widened or opened to the intent behind that mistrust…to debiliate our missions to spread word about our star families, to foster hope and trust within humanity…


And if you consider how most Hollywood movies portray Ets I don’t think I’m far off….we have been brainwashed into mistrust, wary of “trojan horses”…yet we ourselves know our connection to the Source, to our star families…it’s time to step for your star families and believe in them, support them as they’ve done for you, not because you are powerless and weak without them, but because that’s what family does!