God said:

Love is equal. You may want to be the most loved being in the whole word, and you are. My love is limitless. Therefore, everyone is the most loved being in the world. In terms of love, there is no deviation. My love is full-blast. My love encompasses all. I do not make evaluations. I have so many other better matters to take care of. Do you possibly imagine that I would occupy Myself with sorting and hypothesizing? Naturally, I occupy Myself otherwise.

The fact is I choose to occupy Myself with what matters and is easy for Me and what, in other words, I cannot help but focus on.

It is easy for Me to love. It is that simple. Nothing stands in the way of My love. Nothing that is not love has no chance of making it to My heart. We can call My heart, My love, a great filter, and, yet, My love has no need to filter. I see differently from you. I do not have to extricate certain elements and keep others. I do not have to analyze or figure something out. I love you. I love everything I have created. I have starlight in My eyes. We could say that I have vision. I see what there is to see. I see beautiful. I see beautiful when I look at you. And I do look at you. I see you filled with My beautiful Beingness. I look at you, and I see Myself, and I know I am beautiful, and I know you are too.

My standards are mighty higher standards than yours, beloveds. I have high vision. Wherever I look, I see beauty. I see light. I see better than you do, better than how you see most of the time.

You may look to isolate. I look to embrace. And that may be the relative difference between Us, although, of course, nothing is between Us, for We are One, but, as you see yourself individuated on Earth, so do you look to individuate everyone else who already individuates himself on Earth. Some you rank high. Some you rank less, and, yet, you don’t know. You don’t see, and you don’t know. You can’t tell by appearances. Better not to individuate at all.

Better to simply love and not trip yourself up in rankings. When it comes to My Creation, it’s better to just love it, and let it go at that. You are not a great shakes at seeing the world as it is. You see it as you see your life to this point. You extract too much from the past and paste it on the present picture you have of everything. Instead of making a composite, you subtract. You rewrite the world, not to your liking, but to your disapproval. See approval now. No, don’t even seek approval because that is just the other side of disapproval. Seek to see beauty. Seek to love all from a state of equilibrium.

From great height, you will see as I see, and you will see Truth, and you will know it intimately. Truth will be yours. You will be utterly unable to not see it. You can only see what you see, and you are beginning to see greater now.

You will leave fault behind you. You won’t want to find fault any longer. You will seek Truth, and you will find it. You will find it where it always has been, and that is deep in your heart. Your heart sees and knows from a great height. You will see individuals and humanity in a new light. Your whole perception will change, not from determination, but from realization. You want that, don’t you? You do want to be self-realized, don’t you? I am sure you do. And I am sure you will be.

Soon enough, you will not even remember what all the fuss was about.

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