God said:

You are on the cusp of the opening of . is bursting open like a flower. This is inevitable. beckons you. says it lives on , that it is not set apart, any more than you and I are set apart. Heaven is an image of Oneness, well-nourished, well-supported, well-lived, eternally forged in the blazing of Love. resides in Heaven, and you are the essence of . In an imagined interim, you have forgotten you are. Your eyes have not yet accustomed themselves to the Light, as if did not bloom in the full rays of the Sun.

You are living in an oasis, and yet you have seen a background of a desert or the frozen Arctic. You got too far away from yourself. Paradise is yours. All your dreams are based on Truth. All My dreams are coming true. You are one of My dreams. My dreams manifest, and so will yours.

If We are One and the Same, that means we are One constituted thought. We are made of Oneness. The son is not far from the Father. You are as close to Me as close can be. We are the Closeness of Love. If you are where I am, and I assure you that you are with Me, then what is Earth but a mirage? Heaven is real. Earth is not. Earth is a shaky perception. Your vision has been blurred. Your eyes have separated certain elements and made a design that obscures, for a moment, the Heavenliness of Earth.

You have burst forth onto the stage of life on Earth yelling "Uncle." You have conceded. You may have given your birthright away. Your birthright is love and happiness. They go together, just as you and I go together. There are no solos. There is Oneness, and Oneness is Supreme.

Put on My glasses, and see what I see. It is more than comfort you are seeking. You are seeking Reality. You are in the midst of love, and you see it not. Earth waits peacefully for you to recognize it for what it is. Earth has been given bad . Earth has needed to be preceded with good . I think you will uplift the world. I think you will validate Earth. You will bang the drums and the cymbals. You will, in word and deed, proclaim . You will step out of time and find Earth solidly in Heaven where love reigns. You have imagined otherwise.

Vestiges of old perception are disappearing, never to be seen again. Unless you love the old ways, why keep them? You are now bursting forth from an old cocoon filled with imagined dangers. You have believed in danger. That is old thinking. You may think I don't realize what I am saying because you have a bag of proof that danger exists. You have believed in danger more than you have believed in anything else. Therefore, you have put away the Truth of walking in Heaven and accepted a world fraught with danger. You have headlined the impermanent and called it Life. You have let potholes obscure the road.

Nothing has to appear to you as it has in the past. Of course, you can see differently. Certainly, you can prove other than what you have proved to be true in the past. You can forswear past thought and enter a New World made of your new thoughts. You can reframe yourself. You can reframe the world. You can get out of the past. You can enter Truth. You can enter My thought.

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