God said:

You are the specialty of My . I hold you dear to Me. You are as dear to Me as I am to Myself, and I am very dear indeed.

You are not an accoutrement to Me. You are My very Being. Understand what I say, understand somewhat. Understand enough to impart My love imparted to you and now from you to the world.

We exist to impart love. We can't help imparting love. This is Our Mission. There is nothing else for Us to do but to impart love. We throw Our love out like a baseball, and it goes over the fence on its own momentum, and it keeps going as it is passed from heart to another. The baseball of love is picked up and thrown again. Love is always recognizable, and yet no claim is set to it.

The baseball of love is not initialized. It is love given everywhere and not owned. who catches the love passes it on. There are no strings to it. It is thrown high, and it is always caught again, and thrown again, and this is how love is. It loves to be thrown. It loves to hit homerun after homerun. Love loves to be thrown, and love loves to be caught and thrown again for all the world to see.

Love is no small thing. Love is blown on the wind, and love is secured in beating hearts. Love is the of the day. There is no other. Love is the Conquistador. Love is all, and all is love. Love rules the roost. Love has the upper hand, and yet love is not bossy. Everyone loves love, and everyone is a carrier of it. There are no exceptions. There is no absence of love. Everyone wants it. Everyone wants true love.

Yet love has been masked. Love has been choked. Love was put on the back burner. Not everyone on has always known where to find love or how to shower it upon others. Love has been repressed, held captive, put in chains, forgotten about in a dungeon somewhere. Nevertheless, no matter how constricted, the flame of love always burns even in the darkest of hearts. There has been a cover-up of love in the world. And now love is going to burst through all the bonds, and love will carry the day. The crowds will cheer love, and love will rise high over the hearts of all. Love will be carried as a champion is carried, held high on the shoulders of simple human beings.

Love is the hero.

And love is going to make itself known. Love is going to claim its birthright. Love will be quiet and strong, and love will marshal armies of love to march across the Earth to claim the hidden hearts of all.

No one is going to be able to vanquish love. Love is going to take over visibly and volubly. This is the year of love, and life from now on will be called love. Love and life will have equal footing, and love will be shared like the it is.

All will be nourished with love. Love will be the sustenance of the Universe. Love will be plentiful. Love will be all there is. There will be naught but love. Love will be evident, and love will be known. Love will march itself across the Earth and claim love in My Name, and you, too, will be swept up in love. No one will be able to withstand love, and no one will want to. No longer will anything block the love that was always but overlooked. This is the Year of Love.

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