God said:

Let go of past . Let go of that which you see as , and let it be over and done with. If you made a mistake, do not compound it with . Free yourself from . is not good for you. is a stamp you put on yourself. With a hot iron, you brand yourself guilty again and again. When you don't have something new to feel guilty about, you find something from an old reservoir to plague yourself with. The one to forgive is yourself. The best is yet to come. is a self-lashing that deters the good to come.

Guilt is self-recrimination.

Guilt is a ghost from the past.

Let go of guilt as you would take your finger off a burning stove.

Unbind yourself from guilt. It is as if you have tied yourself up with a rope of guilt. Guilt is not atonement. Getting rid of guilt is atonement.

Consider atonement attunement, and attune yourself with Me. What good is guilt to you except to make yourself feel bad?

Guilt is a hanger-on. Send it on its way. Let guilt move up in the world and transform itself into appreciation. Appreciate yourself. You have weathered a lot, and you have come through. Give yourself a medal. Tell yourself, "Well-done."

You have picked out one guilt-ridden thought or two when you could be selecting one hundred blessings you have given to even one human being, and, therefore, to the world. What you give to one, you give to all. You are meant to be one who gives. Give some mercy to yourself.

Would you make Me guilty? What would you make Me guilty of? Why do you make yourself guilty of whatever you make yourself guilty of? No longer be guilty that you are a human being, and that human beings, as viewed in the world, are imperfect. Consider yourself perfect imperfection, then, and move forward in the world.

If you must carry a knapsack of the past with you, then carry a knapsack of courage. We could call courage the opposite of guilt. We could call moving forward the opposite of guilt. The thing is to get up and out from under the shadow of guilt. Better that you bear witness to innocence.

Guilt is guilty of crime. To negate yourself is a crime, and now you will not convict yourself any longer. You will suspend all sentences you have decried against yourself. You will become your friend now and shake hands with yourself. Worse than your offenses, whatever they may be, is your indictment of yourself. Remind yourself that you are My child, and that you are to treat My child right.

Will you not forgive yourself for stepping in a pothole and falling down? What do you think you have to forgive yourself for?

Guilt is no better than anger. Guilt is anger. Guilt is anger deflected. You have substituted guilt for anger, for what is guilt but anger submerged? You are not a for being angry with yourself anymore than you are for being angry at anyone or anything.

Better to think of yourself as a hero for letting bygones be bygones. Better to let bygones be bygones. If you have caused offense to another, erase it. Do not keep it as an arrow in your quiver.

The most you are guilty of is being foolhardy. No longer be foolhardy. No longer offend yourself even once more. Remove the splinter from your own eye, and you exonerate all.

Guilt is a poison, and guilt is not fit for you. Guilt is not fit for anyone. Dispense with guilt. Dispense from it now. Get up as a new person who has left the past behind where it belongs.

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