God said:

is not as you have thought it was. You are not as you thought you were! You are, at the same moment, far more than you have ever credited yourself with and, in the same breath, well, you may not be as marvelous as you sometimes thought you thought you were. You thought you were right. Everyone thinks he is right. Everyone on Earth is sure that his way is right. Just about everyone takes pride in his opinion.

You yourself thought you were more together than many others. Other people let you down. They didn't come up to your high standards. You were unaware that you didn't come up to your standards either.

Or, other people should know what they're doing, while you may be blithely ignorant of what you are doing. Someone doesn't treat you right. How have you been treating someone else? You may have seen it one way when it was really another way. Often, in your perception, others are wrong and you are right, and you do not see.

Other people tend to be too self-centered, and you may overlook your own self-centeredness. You had expectations of others that did not get fulfilled. Do you begin to see how you play all the roles in your life? You are the you come up against. You, the human being, are not always the . A victim is not a , . You may expect others to be the . Be your own .

It has been easy to think that if only others were different, how much happier you would be. Ah, if only others would dance to your tune. Beloveds, you do not always dance to your own tune. Truly, if only you saw differently, how happy you would be. You are the supplier of your own happiness.

You want a certain prescribed intimacy with others. You want to be close, and another doesn't come as close as you would like. Beloveds, come closer to yourself, and the Universe will unfold all its wonders for you.

This is not to say that you are to start judging yourself. It is to say to stop judging others. What you see in others is what you contain. The only person you see out there is an aspect of yourself. You can hardly believe this, and yet it is true.

You conjure up others. If you feel betrayed, you have betrayed yourself. If you feel let down, you have let yourself down. At some point, you come to realize that others are not what you thought them to be. You, too, beloved, you may well not be what you thought yourself to be.

You haven't known your True Greatness, the same as you have seen yourself right in life and others mistaken. You haven't seen that you are not always right in your daily life. You may well see things one way when things are truly another. You aggrandize yourself at the same time as you abandon responsibility. This is not about affixing blame, you understand. It is about grasping responsibility. You, the responder to your life, are responsible for it. No one else is responsible for your life.

Ignorance is no . Self-righteousness is no . Being denied is no . Conditions are not an . Wave a magic wand over yourself and arise a or .

No more pursed lips at what others do or don't do. Look unto yourself. You, the human being, are not above it all. The soul of you is above it all. As an in life, you are learning, and everyone and everything is teaching you.

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