God said:

What you are doing as you grow in life is creating an empty ! Fullness is emptiness, beloveds.

When you are attached, you are full of expectations. You are full of more than expectations. You are full of your ideas of what must happen, or should have happened, ought to have happened, and you are attached to your ideas which, in your mind, become rules, become standards, become sacred, holy, sanctified, authorized, ordained. You compare what you insist on with what actually occurs. Of course, in so doing, you are barking up the wrong tree.

You would limit life. You would reduce possibilities. You might remove the idea of possibilities altogether and stick with certainties, certain prescribed certainties approved by you.

There is more than one road to travel.

You have opinions, and opinions . Furthermore, they have to . Life in the world is all about .

Through change, you grow.

You want to create an empty space in your life where you are unstuck from the past. The past includes your past ideas. How you were brought up or not brought up is no excuse now. The past is not an Open, Sesame. The past is a closed sesame. The past is more like your grandmother's attic all filled with old furniture that really needs to be dusted off, needs to be useful, needs to be given away or sold in a store rather than stuck in the attic.

We can translate empty space to mean you are not attached. All the spider webs are gone. You are cleaned out. You have purged yourself of the past and the talons with which the past may have kept you in thrall. The past does not really exist. Just the same, you may keep it close to you, the past like a refrain in your head, the past like an oldie, the past like a finger poked into your ribs, the past like a plug that keeps things in and doesn't make room for new things to come in. Yesterday's newspaper.

This empty space We can think of as a cushion of silence. The acoustics are good. The guitar is silent. You are filled with silence where all can quietly enter. is motion. can swing by where there is space for it.

However, when there is empty space, there is a tendency to fill it up, and, so, your mind becomes tied up, wrapped up in thoughts, tightly bound in thoughts, filled to the brim with thoughts so you can't even think! There 't room for more. You may be frightened of emptiness, and so you fill up your mind with more thoughts, sometimes heavy thoughts, and you fill up your life with extensions of your thoughts, thoughts heaped upon thoughts, and you are certain that full is better than empty anything, and, yet, you desire exists in empty space. Make room for your dreams to come true. Make room for life to enter a new dimension. Be open-minded. Be open-hearted. Declutter your mind so your heart may open and life begin.

Goings-on are not quite the same as life. Life isn't only goings-on. There is more to life than its activity. There is more to life than what you did over the weekend or what you are going to do next weekend.

There is more to life than you have imagined. Allow that empty space in your mind, and all will arise from the depths. New-born thoughts will arise. Magic will arise. Happiness will arise. You will arise.


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