God said:

The sun always comes through. You can rely on it. You do not worry when there is no sun on a cloudy day. You know the sun is there behind the clouds. You know that the bright sun will always show up, just as you know that spring follows winter. You can rely on much on , and you rely on it. You trust. You have had experience with this trust.

In life, when you are disappointed, and you feel that I am not here for you, remember the sun that shows up. The sun may show up quietly, almost unnoticed, and yet the sun always shines brightly again.

Know that you can rely on Me too.

Sometimes you are in a room with the curtains drawn and you don't see the sun. That is how it is in daily life when you may feel that not only are you unable to see evidence of My love for you – that is one thing – but even more dismaying, that I am not there. I am always here, and I am always here for you. You may feel that everything is going wrong. That is because you cannot see.

If you could open the curtains, if you could see beyond what you see or don't see, you would see My love shining for you, and, beloveds, I don't shine aimlessly. I never overlook you or pass you by. Through thick and thin, I am with you, yet you may see heartache after heartache and not see My presence.

There is always something going on beyond your . Know that whatever appears that seems like tragedy to you, there is a bigger and higher purpose beyond what you presently see. One day you will see what you see now as tragedy from a greater vantage, and you will see the connectedness of life, and you will see all that there is to see, and you will see in a different light. You will no longer cast certain events as tragic. You will no longer feel desperate.

All that you presently see as dire, you will see the okayness of that. You will see that life has ever been shining.

My dears, is taken so seriously. Even as you know is temporal, you take it as if it were the most serious thing in the world. I well understand that life and are huge to you, yet even in the darkness you may see around you, there is light, and the light is a given.

Life on Earth as it appears, by its very nature, is impermanent. Life on Earth 't everything. Life on Earth 't the end-all and be-all. Neither life nor death is a travesty. That which is impermanent doesn't rule. It seems to, yet life unfolds itself, and a story is told. Take the story in stride.

You are not your story anymore than you are your body. You are the very sunlight even when you don't see it. Your perception, as important as it is to you, is not everything. Perception is only perception. Perception is of the Earth. Knowingness is of Heaven.

In Earth life, you take an elevator, and you get off the elevator. In Eternity, you have full vision. There are no curtains to curtail your vision. In Eternity, you see there is no end whatsoever. No end, and no pain.

What is seen as tragedy, what is seen as death, is as much illusion as the whole screenplay you have been part of. The whole movie you have watched is only a movie, and movies are over. Life is eternal. Life is always. The picture show is an event shown on the permanent field of life. In Truth, there are no goodbyes. Earth life tells you that you are being separated. Earth life is like a decal you are pulling off. It covered up that which lies behind and beyond all life on Earth.

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