God said:

You are independent. That you rely on Me doesn't mean you are dependent upon Me. I am dependable, and so are you. You can rely on Me. You can know I am always with you. Even when it's a gauntlet in life you seem to run through, I am with you. You cannot be without Me. Whatever desolation you seem to face, I am with you. I am with you and soul.

You can also rely on yourself. You do not know yourself. Know yourself, and you will rely on yourself more. Too often you emphasize what you see missing in yourself rather than all that you encompass. Too often, you may not have awareness of who and what you are. Your picture of yourself may be so incomplete, so vagrant, so inept that you forget ..

You are not inept. It is your picture of yourself that is inept. Your vision is inept. Not you. Your vision. Your awareness. Your tribute to what I have made is marginal. It may have been hammered into you that you are not worth much, and you believe it. Your beliefs can change. Make leaps forward in your view of yourself.

You are a God-made creature. I am responsible for you, and you are responsible for yourself. I made you in My image. I did not make the image in your mind that you carry of yourself.

I made you beautiful. Anything less that you think of yourself is mis-thought, mis-held, mistaken. This is the mistake of the century. You have mistaken yourself for less than you are. And this misperception of yourself must change. You must change it. It is time now to believe in yourself and know the power that is yours. First your vision has to rise high so that you may come to know the glory of that which I have made.

You are not less than your neighbor. You are not less than the mightiest. You are the mightiest. You are My begotten thought. You are not misbegotten. You are My holiness set to the music of Earth. You are My magnificence. Never mind what you have thought of yourself. Think of yourself now in the light which I present to you now.

Value yourself as you value Me. I am inside you. Whatever greatness you see outside of yourself, it is placed in you. It is well-placed in you. You are a vision I had, and My vision is high. Therefore, you are high. You are on high.

Get up off the floor of life and touch the treetops. Touch the portal to Heaven. Touch the stars. Touch Me in your heart.

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are your heart, and your heart is big, and your heart is vast, and you are vast, and what you encompass is vast. You are Vastness itself propelling itself across the Universe. You take Me with you, and together We somersault the Universe, and together We weave the sky across the Universe, and We weave Truth across the horizon, and We weave all the hearts in the world, and We and the supposed they and the supposed you are the Masters of Love and Life, and We are more than that.

We are united in a common bond of Beingness. We are united. We are seemingly beyond your comprehension. Comprehend that you are more than you know, and life is more than you know, and life is good and life is for you, and you are the light you are seeking. Find yourself, beloved, find yourself, and parts will become whole as you fly across into realms that are for you.