God said:

Remember what life is about, that it is about love and the giving of it.

Amid business deals and exchange of money, love is not always easy to see nor is it always easy for love to prevail as it is in the world.

Now let's speak of the giving of service among friends.

When one is generous, it is easy to see the love. When one's giving is squeezed by the need for exchange of money, then love 't so easy to see.

Sometimes love has to be declared, if not in words, then in deed.

When you mean to do a good deed, it is better not to charge for it. When you charge for it, then it is business. When you charge, money is what you are asking for. When money is charged, the you gave service to considers the debt paid. He paid money. You may want to be paid in gratitude.

It works better when the person who offers a good deed does not ask for payment. Then the receiver has room to be generous. When a price is set, there is cut-off rather than expansion.

Here we come to the subject of conditions. When conditions enter the giving of a , then the becomes a barter and the is no longer a .

When you are in the position of giving, then give. When there are cords attached to your giving, you have not given. You have made a deal.

Loaning someone money is not a gift. In order for money to be a gift, you have to give it. Half-given isn't a gift.

What We are talking about here is generosity, and we are talking about .

It is better that transactions be clear. Blurry lines are not clear. A mixed bag is not clear. In life, it matters to make things clear. First of all, of course, you have to be clear yourself. Be clear that when you charge, you are charging, not giving, or you are giving with one hand, and taking back with the other.

When it comes to giving a service among friends, it is better to give than to charge for it. Give, or don't give.

Now let us address communication. Let matters in life be clear from the outset. Make yourself clear. Make understanding mutual.

It cannot be taken for granted that there is complete understanding between two parties. How wonderful when two parties can communicate what they feel. Of course, it would be better if two parties can become one in understanding and one in giving.

In business, it is important that information is shared and understood. Among friends, it is essential. It is essential. It is essential in order that the friendship remain.

Is not friendship one of the items on your list that contributes to heartache? Friendships do not have to be kept at all costs. Some friendships become like the waves of the ocean that wash up on shore.

Friendship is to give not unhappiness. It is not friendship at all costs.

At the same time, gravitate towards friendships that are without effort. Do not expect too much nor let too much be expected of you. Friendships are not meant to be debt-filled. Friendships are not meant to be a balance sheet.

Give where it is happiness for you to give. Unless you give with happiness, it is not giving nor is it friendship. The same goes for receiving. Receive where it is happiness for you to receive. Unless you receive with happiness, it is not receiving.

Giving and receiving are meant to be golden, not entangled.

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