God said:

What is it right now that you want the most? Do you know what it is? Do you know your ’s ? Of all the desires in the world, what is your deepest ?

It is not the jewelry you have been looking at. It is not fame nor is it fortune. You may say it is happiness, and, yet, what form would your happiness take and for how long?

It could well be romance that is your deepest desire. It could well be the romance of the century that you desire with all your heart.

All your relative desires are as little compared to your infinite desire for with Me. Your deepest desire is to be in Heaven with Me. When it is fulfilled, you have it. You always did have it, but now you know you have it, and you have it for Eternity. In all other desires, fulfillment is not lasting. When you have it, as good as it may be, when all is said and done, what are you left with but an illusion in your hand?

You may desire solace. You may desire all the earthly desires. They could all be fulfilled, and then, sooner or later, it comes down to your desire to be with Me, in close contact with Me, in league with Me, in partnership with Me. With Me comes an end to loneliness. With Me comes love, big love, an ocean of love. Love satisfies, yet, in life, you have confused much with love.

The love I speak of cannot be purchased. It can only be arrived at. It can only be realized. It can only be discovered. It can only come out from hiding.

Coming close to Me is not absenting yourself from life in the relative world. Coming close to Me amplifies life in the world. It gives color to it. It gives music to it. As you come closer to Me, Our closeness makes everything more wonderful. It makes anything and everything more wonderful.

Do not think that you are choosing relative life or spiritual life. You are choosing life, beloveds. Choose Me, and you have an entrée to joy in the world, yet nothing can equal closeness with Me. It is like having your heart in your hand, and it is nourished grandly. It is cultured. It is multiplied. It is supported. It is affluence, beloveds.

Loving Me is being in love and in love with life.

Do not put spirituality on a pedestal as if it were holier than life. The spiritual is life. It is a practical component of life. It is the of life, and the of lasting happiness.

You have not known closeness until you know closeness with Me. You have not had the awareness of closeness with Me until you come closer. And then We continue to be seemingly closer to one another until We are fully established in the Oneness that always is.

I am not even around the corner. I am here right now in your heart. Take a moment to feel My Presence. I am right where I want to be, and that is with you. And you are right where you want to be, and that is with Me. And so We become the Oneness of One. How simple. How wonderful that We are each other’s .

If you want to know Vastness, then know Our love. Vastness is at hand. We are not far away from each other. We are each other. I have sought you for a long time, and now you are consciously seeking Me. What can be more desirable? What else can be the basis of your life in the world?

What ease. What wonder. What love.

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