God said:

Treasure of My , what prevents you from full-scale happiness? There is something in you that calls the shots. You are like an umpire of your . You decide: "This is good. That isn't." And so you keep score of your . And so you keep yourself in a state of unhappiness, all because of judgments you form or learn and take to heart as if what transpires is all about you.

When you say you are disappointed, you are disappointed. You tell yourself. You label your experiences in life when they are, all the while, nothing but experiences in life. It is not truly for you to assign life its attributes. Let go of being an umpire of your life. Lean toward being an . Emperors are royal.

An emperor sits on his throne, and life appears before him. Whoever appears before him appears before him. Like turning pages of a book, one petitioner appears before the emperor and then another. Whatever the situation, he dispenses with it, and moves on to the next. An emperor takes care of his day, and he lets it pass. His fate is to move on. He does not hold on to his judgments. He does not hold on to the outcomes. He moves on.

It is not that he washes his hands of life. He simply doesn't hold on to it. He makes quick of it. All the while, he quietly drinks tea, and, yet, he does not ponder too much. He lets go.

You, on the other hand, may be a swashbuckler of life. There you are, sword in hand, ready to declare bankruptcy or whatever the name of the challenges that appear before you. You have many names that you call what appears before you. Obstruction. Onslaught. Unkindness. Repetition. Rejection. Disinterest and so on.

Switch your thinking. There is a knock on your . You do not know ahead of time who knocks on your . Know ahead of time that it is opportunity knocking at your . It may be opportunity in disguise, yet it is opportunity. It certainly is an opportunity for you to grow.

Consider that life is bringing you vitamins and minerals. Some taste good, and some taste bitter, and, yet, you drink them down, and then that's it. You wash the glass, and you return to a neutral place. There does not have to be a bitter after-taste. You do not cling to it. Vitamins work on their own. You let vitamins be. You let them do their thing. Now let life be.

Let life be like inhaling and exhaling. You are free in life. No longer consider that life can put shackles on you. How you absorb life as it arises is up to you. You don't fight. You don't take it all lying down either. You get up, not to fight, not to assess damages, but simply to move forward. And, so, what you may consider difficult goes out the window.

You may not be the comptroller of your life, yet you are the climate control of your life. You are the dispenser of peace, or you moil your life. Best to scatter seeds of peace and love.

You, beloveds, are the hosts of the Universe. Welcome life as it comes, and do not label it. Or, if you must label it, label it Adventure, or Surprise, or Delight, or Give it a good name. Welcome life and treat it courteously. Don't make an opponent of it. Be intelligent. Be wise. Take life as it comes, and handle it well.

Life is not a lion that you have to tame. You cannot tame life. Nevertheless, you can be light-hearted and engage with it.

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