God said:

So close are We that you could reach out your hand and touch Me, that is, if I were physical as you are physical. That I am Pure Being and not physical makes it easier for you to reach Me, and I to reach you. Actually, as it is, we are permeable. In fact, it cannot be said that We reach when We are actually One. Where does One reach to? How do you reach where you already are? There is no span to cross.

And yet We reach. We reach with Our hearts. We touch with Our hearts. We love. The more We love, the closer We feel. Love enough, and is all, and, yet, love is not from the Will, and, yet, love can be willed.

If I am the tree, you are the branches of My tree. If you are My apples, I am your Tree.

Our Oneness expresses itself in various ways. Nevertheless, Our connection is inviolable. One with many aspects is still One. You are My One all right.

I extend Myself to Myself, and that is My . We are Our . We can say whatever We wish to say, yet Oneness is Oneness.

We come back to Oneness which We have never left. How can One return to where He has never left? How can One be absent from Oneness when Oneness is All and all that is?

So, then, what can happen in the world of happenings? at all.

Oneness utters a sound, and a tale spins. A tale stretches across the , a babble of words, a babble of sounds. A sound is a sound, and tale is a tale, and so We are spun across the .

Birds sing, and what are birds, and what does their song sing?

Someone drives a car, follows a route, or takes a detour, and what is the difference and what is the meaning, if anything?

Multiplicity is not more than Oneness. Multiplicity is the tale spun. Suspense builds, and Being participates in life and so wakes up to Oneness. Oneness is all that is to wake up to.

Oneness knows not fraughtness. Personalities, the characters in the story told, the tale spun, the leaves from God's tree, know fraughtness. They know how to weave a story. They know how to create it, how to play with it, and how to escape from it perhaps only to pick it up again later. Personalities know confusion, and know how to trade stock in it. Personalities take stock of confusion and pick it up everywhere and collect it. Personalities get bees in their bonnets.

The Self loves. The One Self laughs and loves. Being is incipient love. Being is love gathering itself. It is love before it streams. It is fullness of love ready to pour.

What a blessed Being I AM to come to Earth in so many ways and to play all the parts all at once. And, yet, I watch Myself in action – the seeming you in action – and many may think I am far away in the sky when I am the Closest of the Close.

So what do We talk about anyway, and who and what is it for?

I think We are for love. That's what We are on Earth for.

Let Us specialize in love. It is easy. All We have to do is to undo whatever it may be that keeps Us from loving outright. We leave the past. We leave it where it lies. We don't bury it. We let the past fade in the dust, and We emerge new, and We love some more.

There is nothing to come closer to than love, and love is Oneness, and We, seemingly expressed as you and as Me, are love. Who would ever want to be anything else?

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