The Divine Manna is the That Unlocks Your

February 29, 2012

Woe, woe

here, there,

search up, search down,

Look all around,

But beware,

meaning take heed,

for the Kingdom of the

Experience of Source

is Within Your Being.

This is not a metaphor

for philosophers and poets.

It is a warning,

what is now called Guidance.

The Divine Manna unlocks your Oneness within,

your oneness with yourself,

with what you are,

and all the levels

of the spiralling staircase down

into God, Source in You.

It is literally located

in the center

of all that You are.

You are a trillion times bigger

than a lightship.

"It's" not up there

in the sky.

That spot, that ship,

is one shell

in the whole ocean that

You are.

If you just

hang and put your faith

in a form of something that will come, land, or whatever later,

you are delaying Your departure, you may eventually find

that you are still faced with going within,

Is that appropriate in February, now March 2012?

Departure to where?

To destinations Unknown within you.

Fresh, New, Real, Rich.

Not rehashes of the same old 3D concepts

leading your mind and attention ever outward,

what you call 3D,

what we call relying on information obtained through the 5 senses,

and not registering the frequency information outside the sense ranges,

or through the inner spiritual. psychic perceptions,

failing to apply even reason and logic,

Now, I understand processes, and learning.

However, just as our beloved Lord Gautama has said,

all the thinking in the world won't help you.

Thank you Lord Gautama

So, you have the option

and the advisement, so to speak,

out in the open

Lord Gautama says you Are prepared for this journey.

He says beware of false idols.

He says to him a false idol

is when you believe something has more divinity than you do,

He says this is not, is not true.

It is not the case.

Your realization, your experience,

is not the gauge of the deep quality of your being.

Youth does not disqualify the one who is destined to mature into a hero,

the hero being he who has dropped all overlaying realities,

and finds, or discovers themself,

and is faced with nothing but their raw being, raw beingness,

in absolutely perfect equilibrium.

So, I concur in that the timing of the flows if correct

for you to begin your journey down,or up the Ganges.

ed note: Hilarion now resumes speaking:

Down the abalone laden

spiraling staircase

down, in, through you,

deeper and deeper,

to the center,

or place,

where you alone reside with Source.

Even this is beyond words.

Don't imagine you can't do this.

That is the seduction, the inference

that you can't, aren't strong enough to, etc.

From there you lower the sites of what you consider realistic to try.

Do you see?

And you can.

You can make the journey within,

you can penetrate this dimensional strata into another, now.

Check to see if you are now immediately rejecting this idea

due to it is uncomfortable, as you don't really believe this,

and neither have your experiences suggested to you otherwise


The DIVINE MANNA coming to your planet Now

will empower and support you to be the Hero.

By empowering You to make the conscious journey within.

All the rewards, feelings, awarenesses, you are seeking are literally there, within You,

within your center. Hear the voice, the winds of source here.

No outside force

can give you

what for you

only lies within you,

what you are and will find Within.

Go deeper.

Give up more old ways of looking at things.

Try to go "within"

It is all within you.

We say this literally.

It , all the treasures and magic Are within you.

All that is happening is that the end of cycle energies

are allowing you a free or easier ride inside, less resistance,

so take advantage and try.

Don't be lazy and just wait around for a ship,

or someone, anyone to take some kind of action.

Don't Delay Your Self

from joining you for the ride of your life,

down into this progressing year,

into Source.

My best wishes,

May You feel the new breezes, they are already here now.

May we all rise.



February 29

in the year of our lord 2,012