15 March 2012


I am here. I am glad to be in your presence once again. I am called by the name of Isahal and I am a of the ways of the universe. I come this day to teach and also to learn. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak with you again. You have much on your mind and I am happy to be of assistance to you.

There is much change afoot on that physical plane at this time. I know that you feel the , as do all upon the planet, at this time. I ask that you be as gentle toward yourself as you are with others. This time, and the times that follow so closely, will be trying, as the necessary adjustments are being made within the physical to accommodate the increasing light energies of the spiritual. Thoughts of peace and acceptance of these changes as a natural course shall bring some ease to the physical and emotional turmoil.

An old age passes away now, as a new age dawns. Remember at all times, if you can, a correlation to the process of birth. Remember the physical changes that led to the entrance into life of a new human upon the earth. Remember how quickly the pain and turmoil passes into joy larger than could have been imagined with the birth of a new child. So goes now the process upon, within, and among the planet and all who call her home. All is as it should be and the reward is mightier than can be seen from within the process.

Please remember that all who cross into this new age chose their participation in this momentous event. There is great honor and greater courage involved in this choice, for when the choice to participate was made the outcome of this adventure was not yet fully formed and complete in its design. Many chose to attempt this ascension merely out of faith and hope, and with no certainty of success. Now it has come to pass that the hopes and dreams brought to that plane have surpassed expectations.

This time upon the earth is like no other in her glorious past, and the energies and souls of the universe are very elated to also be able to participate in this ascension process. Just as many souls chose to incarnate during these times of change, so also did many of the ascended souls and guardians also choose to stand by the planet and her children at this time. They serve and await service with the same faith and hope that inspired the dream from its inception. And so it is that for many years of your time there have been present within your universe a multitude of observers, guides, and masters supporting the progression of humankind toward this very time.

As you know, as the energies of the new earth establish themselves within that realm, many who have served in silence and disguised their presence shall be released and can show themselves in their truth and service. This time approaches rapidly and is cause for celebration among those who wait and those who serve. They have patiently waited for the time when they can be joined once again with the earth and the children of light within and upon the earth. I stand among these souls and also yearn for the reconnections that the lifting of the veil will allow. We are aware that when the servants of the earth are once again revealed in their light bodies, many who have slumbered or forgotten themselves shall remember what they truly are. We are filled with joy at this prospect.

Outside of the constraints of time we know that this time of awakening and communion is now fixed within the plan and the process. I understand that within the constraints of time it will feel as though promises of ascension are not being kept, but that is untrue. We are but a breath and a step away. Your hope and faith have created a miracle. Hold tight to them for but a while longer.

Isahal, March 14, 2012

The above channeled material is copyrighted, as it will be included in the second volume of my book I AM HERE, Channeled Wisdom for Changing Times. I will, however, freely give permission to cite or use this material if notified of your intention to do so by E-mail at iamherebook@yahoo.com. Blessings and Light, Marcella