by soulinsightawakenings

By Erin Mackley

spoke with me today about the importance of mentally balancing the chakras.

Sometimes when I feel a little "off," I check in with Adama.  This evening, I found myself feeling imbalanced, with a mega case of the "munchies," combined with a feeling that I haven't been getting enough of what I want of anything.  I felt that I needed more sleep, more , more , more money, more time alone, more social time.  I needed to be more healthy, feel more fit, more assertive, and more giving.

More, more more more more please!!

I asked, Adama, will you meet with me and speak with me about this issue?

I could feel Adama's response, as I automatically wanted to tilt my head to one side, which told me that on the etheric plane, I was leaning against Adama's chest and he held my head to his .

I could feel myself taking a deep breath, smiling, automatically, because of the that we've established, and I know that we are smiling together.  My breathing became slower and I am ready to listen.

Adama: Sometimes there are embedded energies in the earth herself that are formed from the collective consciousness of those who have lived there before.  These pockets of "scarcity " can be found all over the place.  This is part of what is affecting you now.  Take a moment, and breathe, and release any residual connection to such energy, and form a container around your aura.

We are now connecting you to Telos, that City of Harmony that we talk about so often.  There, you will feel a flowing energy, like water, like a slow, trickling of awareness that gets lazily from one place to another without trying to get there, or knowing how or why it is moving.  It just flows.  Be that stream in your awareness, let it happen now, in this moment.  That is Telos energy – the stream that lazily moves along without thinking or worrying.

Gather your energies together now, and I (and your Angels) will seal up any points in your where there were links in to traumatized energy anywhere in the environments you've set foot.  Energy works like puzzle pieces that form connections, and if there is a "good fit," in your aura and in a "messy" energy in your environment, you will pick it up, as it has a magnetic force.

I felt Adama's heart close again, as I relaxed and was healed, and asked,  "How do I stop picking up these discordant energies from the environment?"

Adama: Be strongest in your root chakra right now.  We have emphasized your to a large extent, and this is important. However, if you truly want to be present and not to "inhale" discordant energies from the places around you, you will need to more fully activate your power in your root, and in your navel."

Me: Do I do this just by focusing on these chakras?

Adama: Send your prayers to your navel and root chakras.  Say, "I now embody my navel chakra fully, I now fully inhabit my root chakra.  Show me how to inhabit my root and navel chakras more fully.  May I be a fully embodied being."  Etc.

Me: Thank you, Adama.

I feel him hugging me.  "You're welcome." ((smiles))

It is true that the higher chakras often get much more attention than the lower ones.  This is a wonderful exercise in quickly re-establishing awareness and presence in powerful lower chakras from the waist down – simply state your intention to do so, as your Higher Self that it be so, that the lower chakras are actively engaged.

Sometimes the most effective answer is the simplest!

This worked well for me, and I hope that it has for you, too.