Channeler:  Julie Miller

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ March 18-25, 2012
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March 18, 2012
Dear children it is a great pleasure to be speaking through our vessel once again. As told during the conclusion of my last message we will continue our deep discussion involving the Tri-Unities. Today’s discussion, I will tell you now involves the Seven Tri-Unities.
In order to explain the seven tri-unities, dear children you must look to the element that the Father is the primal member of each of you. He is, He was, and He ever will be forever a part of you: the First Complete Father-Source, the Complete Absolute Center, Primordial Foundation, the Complete Director, Infinite Energizer, the Original Unity, Absolute Supporter, the Leading Individual of Divinity, the Original Celestial Design and Principle of Endlessness. The Complete Father is the individual source of the Absolutes; He is the outright absolute of the Absolutes.

 The First Tri-Unity – the individual purposeful tri-unity. This is the combination of the three divine being personalities: the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Eternal . This is also a threefold flame combination of love, mercy and ministry – it is the purposeful and individual relationship of the three eternal Paradise personalities we spoke of during our last transmission. This is also the heavenly brotherly, loving every creature and being, paternal and loving and ascension supporting relationship. The Heavenly personalities of this first tri-unity are the personal makeup bestowing, individual bestowing and observance of mind bequeathing Gods.
This is the Trinity of endless choice. It acts continuously throughout the eternal present and now and in all of the past, present, and future movement of time. It is through this relationship that generates the infinite act of exercising the Will of God and delivers the tools where the individual Divinity becomes self-revealing to every person, creature and thing of the ever-evolving Universe.
The Second Tri-Unity – the ruling authoritative tri-unity. Regardless if it is a tiny completion, an intense star, or a rotating nebula, even the central or super-universes, from the smallest to the chief substantial establishments, always it is the physical – the collective development resulting from the purpose of this tri-unity: the Father-Son, the Paradise-Isle, and the Conjoint Actor.
is structured by the universal agents of the Third Source and Center, is designed after the form of Paradise of the unqualified embodiment; yet behind all of this endless handling is the presence of the Father-son, whose union when first activated the Paradise form in the appearance of Havona, the Central and Divine Universe connected with the arrival of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor.
In spiritual and devout experience, the people make contact with God who is Love, but such spiritual insight must not ever conceal the intellectual acknowledgement of the cosmic fact of the form which is Paradise. The Paradise personalities incorporate the freewill of all creatures and beings by the captivating power of Divine Love and will lead all spirit born natures into the heavenly delights of the unending service of the Father-fused sons and daughters of God. The second tri-unity is the of the space stage where these connections open. They define the form of the universal structure.
Love can be illustrated by the divinity of the first tri-unity, but the form is the galactic manifestation of the second tri-unity. What the first tri-unity is to evolving personalities, the second tri-unity is to the ever changing universes of the cosmos. Form and Personality are two of the great manifestations of the acts of the First Source and Center. And no matter how challenging it may be to understand, it is nonetheless true that the power, form, and the loving person are one and the same universal dear ones. The Paradise Isle and the Eternal Son are synchronized but diametrical opposite truths reveled of the profound nature of the Collective Father Force.
The Third Tri-unity – this is the spirit evolution tri-unity. The sum of spiritual displays and signs has its start and end in this grouping: the Universal Father, the Son-Spirit, and the Deity/God Absolute.
Coming from spirit potency to Paradise spirit, all spirit locates reality expression in this triune combination of the pure spirit essence of the Father, the active spirit values of the Son-Spirit, and the endless spirit potentials of the Deity or God Absolute. The existing values of the spirit have their elemental foundation, complete and comprehensive manifestation and final destiny in this tri-unity. The Father occurs before spirit; the Son-Spirit role as active creative spirit, the Deity or God Absolute occurs as an all-embracing spirit, even beyond spirit.
The Fourth Tri-Unity – the tri-unity of energy immensity. Within this grouping there eternalizes the start and end of all , from spatial potency to non-spiritual energy. This group embraces dear ones the Father Spirit, the Paradise Isle and the Unqualified Absolute.
Paradise is the middle of the force energy stimulation of the cosmos – the cosmic position of the First Source and the Center, the universal focal point of the Unqualified Absolute, and the source of all energy. Relating to human existence and connectedness that is present within this tri-unity is the energy possibility of the infinite cosmos of the grand universe and the master universe are only partial indicators and expressions.
This fourth tri-unity absolutely commands the essential elements of and discharges them from the hold of the Unqualified Absolute in straight sections to the appearance in the empirical Deities of sub-absolute capacity to command and steady metamorphosing cosmos.
This tri-unity is the force and the energy. The endless potential of the Unqualified Absolute are balanced around the absoluteness of the Isle of Paradise, from the original unimaginable anxieties of the otherwise standing stillness of the Unqualified. And the boundless aching of the material Paradise heart of the endless universe strokes in synchronization dear ones with the profound form and unsearchable plan of the Infinite Energizer, the First Source and Center.
The Fifth Tri-Unity – the tri-unity of sensitive perpetuity. This collective contains the Universal Father, the Universal Absolute and the Unqualified Absolute. Within this group is the acceptance of the externalization of the working endlessness realization of all that is actualisable within the realms of non-deity genuineness.  This tri-unity establishes unconstrained responsive capacity to the expression of the Will, instrumental, stretched anxieties and formed actions and occurrences of the other tri-unities.
The Sixth Tri-Unity – the tri-unity of universal related Godlikedness or Deity. This assemblage involves: the Universal Father, the Deity Absolute and the Universal and Cosmic Absolute.
This is the relationship of Deity in the Universe, the existence within a Deity or God in combination with the perfection of the Deity. Dear ones, this is the final outreach of divinity on the levels of endlessness towards those realities and possibilities which lie outside the domain of sanctified reality.
The Seventh Tri-Unity – the tri-unity of endless unity. This is the unity of limitlessness functionality to manifest in time and eternity, the harmonize merging of actuals and potentials. This final group today combines: the Universal Father, the Conjoint Actor, and the Universal Absolute.

Dear ones, the Conjoint Actor generally incorporates the changeable purposeful features of all realized reality on all levels of spiritual expressions; from limits through awe-inspiring incidents and on to absolutes. The Universal Absolute flawlessly rewards the discrepancies intrinsic in the unpredictable characteristics of all imperfect realities, from the inexhaustible capacity of actively exercising Will and relevant Deity/God representativeness to the infinite opportunities of static, oversensitive, non-deity reality in the impenetrable realms of the Unqualified Absolute.
As they work in this tri-unity, the Conjoint Actor and the Universal Absolute are comparable and receptive to Deity and to non-deity occurrences, as also is the First Source and Center, who in this grouping is to all meanings and determinations theoretically indistinguishable from the I AM Presence.  
These estimates are adequate to illuminate the concept of the tri-unities. The tri-unities are the working balance wheel of endlessness, the fusion of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity Absolutes. It is the existing incidence of presence of the tri-unities that enables the Father I AM Presence to experience working endless unity regardless of the broadening of the immensity into the seven Absolutes. These relationships discussed today cannot enlarge the endlessness of the Father I AM Presence, they do perform and seem to make conceivable the possible infinite and the possible absolute manifestations of His reality. The seven tri-unities reproduce changeability; they eternalize new depths, heights and values, they reveal new developments for potential, and disclose new understandings; and all these expanded and varied expressions of God in time and space and in the forever cosmos are surviving in the supposed stillness of the original endlessness of the I AM Presence.
Next week’s discussion has not yet been decided dear ones. Today’s message was long waited to be transmitted. I look forward to another deeply fulfilling message through our dear vessel within a few days. The Presence of God is never far dear ones, you can find Him at the center of your being, connect and reach to Him, radiate within His pillar of unending light and bask in His glorious love that is always filled to the brim of His heart with Love.
Until the next time I deliver a message through your dear sister, know and understand my energy is always available dear ones at any stage of your journey.
And so it is, Melchizedek through Julie Miller