March 6, 2012
Channeler: hilarion

, The System of Control that is To You
The of Hate and Rejection.
March 6, 2012

Hate is born of false spoken or unspoken teachings, based on the core belief or concept
of a condemning, conditional, temperamental God, Creator, Source.

We say hate is the human outpicturing of this idea into the form of experiencing this core , this of basically reaction to desertion, or rather reaction to perceived desertion. This then manifests as whatever form According to one’s learnings, etc, one will assign “that which is 'unpleasing' to God, Creator, Source&; to the parts of one’s inner world and the world one sees outside themselves that apply to that belief set. They will internalize or externalize this energy, which is not really healthy for them or others, and describes vibrationally a relatively false reality, when the energy is in this form.

It at that point is basically an energy of the experience of Rejection, sometimes aimed inwardly at ourself, sometimes aimed outwardly at others.

This is probably why the current Christian bible refers to the spirit of rejection,
and encourages a reunion of sorts with God, Spirit, Christ, Self, Source.

It’s all very nice, And certainly there is an aspect of truth to it. However, as many of you know, many will not agree to accept that the true source of what they are ever “rejected”, so they do not want to support in any way what they consider is a false basic insertion.

We say, in spite of this, step beyond the influence of having to stand up in the face of less complete understandings. We suggest to actively investigate within yourself every part of you which has been taught the art of exceptions and rejections of parts, etc. of themself and life. You will recognize this material in you by

1. It is most often involved with beliefs at some level, or comes from them, an extension.
2. There is an aspect to the energy which we can best describe as “rejection”

These energies lie everywhere and many places within you too. Search them out. Because this is a good time to identify them within your thinking and feeling nature. At this time, we suggest only to identify them, these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energies. You need not change anything.

It is enough to become aware and identify these energies, for now. These energies may be mixed with the core energies of other experiences, feelings, and within your ideas.

March 6, 2012
through hilarion