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Posted: 19 Mar 2012

: Good evening, I have a burning question, which a friend also happens to have: “
will our raise in consciousness happen relativly quickly! or spread out over say a 20 year period”
God: Very timely question indeed. The Planetary will not happen quickly, no. It will be a slow process, which will take place over a period of 20 years or more. However all of you, individually, can Ascend at any given moment, depending on your choice and your vibrations. You may chose to maintain your human body form during the day and live uniquely in the higher dimensions during your sleep. You will be a fully developed human, with its 12 strands of DNA, fully conscious, walking on with a fully integrated Higher Self.

consciousness. You will be a direct link to Source, manifesting on the of the planet.
The majority of you will continue to remain on the surface of to guide and fulfil their role for the .
Yes, Laura, many of you will remain with Mother Earth for quite some time yet and will have long lives. It will be a continuously changing Mother Earth however, and your role will be in stabilizing her , monitoring role towards her and her life forms on the planet, including non ascended people.

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