Laura: please read all channeled messages with discernment, as they can all be interfered by the channeler’s mind or lower densities entities

When the earth moves in to the photo belt!…We will experience 3 days of darkness! enter a portal,or wormhole,or stargate!..that will see us past the photon belt! safely! …upon exiting the 3 days! & the photon belt! Will we notice any remarkable or noticable changes physicaly spiritualy or mentaly to oursevles or !?

Sfhs: You are correct in your assumption and understanding on many levels. You can decipher the codes between the words, and phrase it all together for others, it is an amazing power of analysis, not common on your current planet.
The Earth will be under Galactic protection for that period of time, traversing the photon Belt. Your planet is under some kind of protectorate by Galactic and Divine forces working together, in order to see Earth and its inhabitants safely through the belt indeed.
Their power is quasi limitless, and you have not much to fear, so to speak. And yes, you will all emerge from this experience transformed, as well as Mother Earth.
The photon Kyper belt and the photon belt have many properties, unknown to scientists, or to the cabal minions. It has to do with , dimensional shift, as well as the history of your planet and your own personal history.. I am sure you can put things together quite nicely now, regarding the nature of the journey through the belt for fellow humans and for Mother Earth.