Message from Ascended Master, Lady
Channeled by:
March 01, 2012

Hearts you will come to know that within your precious hearts is God. And through your precious hearts you will feel a tremendous torrent of Love that is directly from the completeness of God to the ampleness of all that your own God Presence requires and needs. It is in this perfect Love from the Presence of God that builds up your absolute so that your already greatly expanded can receive even more Love. Hearts, for you to experience the Divine Love of your own God Presence, you will need to let go of all exterior distresses even for a short moment just to allow your Heart to and flourish. the shade that has covered different aspects of your life, savour life, feel it, drink it, and make it your own as you move through transforming your current ways of living to living through your heart. It is when your own Heart sparks into the flame from acknowledging its own God Presence which then extends itself into everything you do in all capacity of your life.

Beloved Hearts, your own dear heart is the greatest measurement for you to comprehend the truth. When you are conversing with another, you will find something they say strike you differently – a vibration that stands alone, one that does not resonate with your dear heart. It is this instant you are reading the vibration and understanding at the same time that the other is either telling the truth or not. I just heart a lot of A-ha’s, and I see many are going to try and focus more on their built in intuition. You have come across this before on a co-creative scale, bringing forth your expertise, and allowing the ripeness of your actions to be presented; allowing the truth of your creative octave to shine forth. This is also a shining example of when your God Presence is working, co-creating with you. You have joined a silent partnership with your God Presence to always bring out the best of yourself in all you do – always. This Beloved Hearts is living through an unconditional loving and compassionate heart.

There is a misconception that there is only an external achievement that is required that is taught from schools of your physical dimension. Beloved Hearts, you will come to realize that the true talent ultimately comes into fruition when you are able to perceive the Heart of God flowing through you and that it touches every single component of your innovative progression. And when your heart is open with the pureness of unconditional love and is communicating with another heart just as open, you can only imagine the massiveness of the prospect that each other’s I AM Presence can bring about.

I could offer you millions of illustrated ideas that show you the process of opening your own God Presence and opening your Heart. I understand that for many of you beloved hearts this can be most difficult as many have a wounded heart, one that has been bruised from emotional hardships and the mental body created protective walls. What I ask of you beloved hearts, with my loving guidance is the removal of those barriers; one-by-one. Do not fear Love, embrace it. Open your arms and let the light shine in. There is always going to be risk when you become attached to a person through your emotional states. There is a simple joy to learn here beloved hearts and that is the opportunity to experience such a love whether it is romantic love, parental love, sibling love, friendship love, etc. To be able to give a part of yourself for as long as the relationship presents itself is the gift beloved hearts. Rejoice in the opportunities you have had. After the tears have been wept, look back at the fond memories that were created; discover in yourself the strength that welled up that enabled you to love so openly. Each of you are meant to love.

There are many dear souls who move among the metaphysical activities of the world in their pursuit of their Christ Consciousness; there are many still that think of themselves the mark of achievement to the richness of health, and wealth that brings forth happiness. For these people, these are their criterions of spirituality. Beloved Hearts, some of the most spiritual people in the world are so tolerating the burdens of life that they be in miserable poverty, they could have nothing or pretty close to it, these ones could be burdened with an incurable disease, they could also be heavily burdened with all sorts of problems. The souls that point the fingers at the ones living in such conditions and still shining their true light of God are in dire need of attainment on the 6th Ray of Divine Service where I AM the Chohan. There have been many instances when a dear soul living in poverty conditions went to the aid of one that looks upon wealth, and health to determine happiness to only discover there is no real love inside such a heart.

Beloved Hearts, I work within the qualities of the Solar chakra. These qualities vary from self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power and the freedom of choice. I encourage each of you to work within this chakra and all the other main chakras, making sure they are functioning and in perfect balance. Seek my support and guidance when you feel oppressed over any of the qualities I have listed regarding the qualities of this chakra. With my soft and gentleness I will guide you, and love you to become stronger and more efficient in the ways of your loving heart is meant to function throughout your life.

Inside each of you, even the males of society have a feminine side. It is this mothering, and nurturing side I am speaking of and requesting to preserve the Christ Consciousness potential of your entire family, the children, the spouses, other members and even people of the community. Preserve the right for your soul to become one with the directions of and of Gautama Buddha. They both have shared much of their life with the people of the land during their times and taught all of you, even today that attainment of Oneness of your own Precious Heart and perfect Oneness with God is not only a potential but very likely if you wish it to be. Each of you has a powerful tool; you have the Freedom to Choose.

Upon reaching the perfect Oneness of your Precious Hearts that will forever connect you to God’s own dear heart you will discover the necessity to become more selfless. To do the work of God through your hands, your voice, your thoughts, your very actions, etc. To work selflessly means Beloved Hearts to work for the joy of providing service without a fee. When you are able to give yourself to your community, showing your love flowing heart that you are willing to volunteer your time out of the simple joy it brings, you will feel your heart expand even further and the appreciation of others for the work you do for no cost will be one of your greatest accomplishments.

Today Beloved Hearts, I would also like to discuss the importance of family. Family is the basic unit of life. Identity can be lost if a family becomes destroyed. It is important to maintain as much as possible family ties and to embrace individualization. The family is the essential ingredient to bring forth the Christ Consciousness into the entire family. Every home requires a head and that role is usually pertaining to the father, every home’s heart is the mother. The hands of the home become the children, who are the extensions of the heart and the head. And it is the children who go forth into the community to school, work and in time begin a new generation of their own. I remind you Beloved Hearts the importance of the balance of family and look at the Trinity of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and see what there persevered and maintained. Through family Beloved Hearts you are able to fulfil a virtuous part of yourself.

If one does not have a family, another way of achieving your virtuous ambitions is by merging with your own God Presence for a better provision to your life. There are many who have given themselves to the Service of God. This kind of life is not for simple pleasures your vast world can bring about, it is for the giving of yourself in love. There are many countries Beloved Hearts that work within the ideologies of service. There are many kinds of service organizations that incorporate God and your virtuous soul into compassionate action. There are volunteers helping people in all levels of society.

I will show and guide and dear soul that requires lessons on self-love, becoming selfless and less selfish. I work through the Ruby Ray of Love and this ray can empower you to not only encourage you, but become the loving Child of God that does not fear to love through an open heart. It is not as hard as you may think. Work slowly, casting off the spoiling that have come upon you by well-meaning caregivers. Learn to adopt a simpler life. Nothing is impossible Beloved Hearts if you truly believe and try with all your heart.

I came today in the highest Love and Joy of our Lord and of the Almighty God. I will come again through our dear vessel sooner than you think.

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller