16 March 2012

Channeler: T/11 1N

February 22, 2011

My Brothers and ,

For those of you who are not so familiar with this (my) , I have asked the receiver of my words to now rearrange the contents from what has been to date the most significant and pressing issue(s), to what now must become your first priority of each and every day. For time is of the essence.

Regardless of your faith or belief system, each of you must begin now to strengthen your connection to God within you. Do not look to others to do this for you. Each of you must initiate a personal conversation with him. Cease all other distractions and turn within so that you may hear his still small speaking to your hearts and minds. Ask the Spirit of Truth to help you hear his and to guide you through these increasingly difficult and challenging times of 's rebirth.

Again, it is most important that you listen to my words. Meditate upon that which I am now telling you and pray for increased wisdom and before you proceed through this site. If my words do not resonate within your being, then pray for more and guidance. For through such words, images and music presented within, do the Spheres manifest the heart of the Creator to all who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand upon Mother .

The changes that you are presently witnessing and those yet to come, are not new to the Earth but occur cyclically within all of the universes in Creation. Such events were written of through the ages by various prophets and seers within all cultures. So, as you become more aware of the changes within your daily lives, please try not to be afraid or act out of fear. Do not react to these times and events by either wishing harm upon yourself or anyone around you. Rather, become proactive by first educating yourself and then learning to become centered within so that you can assist all others who may have a harder time understanding and accepting the signs of the times. I have given you the key… now it is up to you to open the door.

You are children of the One God. You are One among numerous other will-created beings throughout the universes and dimensions who carry the initial Creator spark within. As unique soul vibrations, each of you is known by your vibrations within the Spheres. Strive each day to raise your vibrations to reflect the Law of One, and in the dawn of a new age you will walk with your other , near and far, in the full Glory, Love, and Light of the Creator that is your true inheritance.

Joshua the Christ (Jesus)